Friday, February 29, 2008

Again, stash!

I got two new packages... That means that, besides the year subscription of cross country shopping, I have only left another two to get, an old magazine from North Breeze and some kits and a blanket from knitcetra.

From ABC Stitch Therapy got Holiday Treats (Dimensions), Anchor Floss 16 skein pack,
all Variegated Colors, Charles Craft Monaco 28 Count Tea-Dyed, Rose and Dove Grey.

om Knitcetra I got: Sweetness of Home Counted Cross Stitch kit, Tea for Two Counted Cross Stitch kit and Beaded Elegance Ornaments, plus a nice complimentary DMC stencil... Great idea, never thought stencils could be use from embroidery!

I'll stitch the tea for two kit today, it's a tiny project and I want to see it on the wall right away!!!


Participating on the exchanges is so nice!I'd been doing it on EMS board for a while. This week I got two packages, one of them is from Melissa in Kentucky. She sent a lovely snowflake bookmark stitched in my two favorite colors, blue and green, along with a card that invites to keep peace in your heart (and I've been praying so much for it!). Just beautiful! I'm so blessed!

The other one came all the way from Malaysia, Sugielah stitched a delicate biscornu with flowers on one side and butterflies on the other and added a few extra presents from her country. One of them made me remember my aunt Nieves, she collected fans and I'd been keeping in mind to get one... Wow, it came from far away sent by a new friend, I'm sure my aunt is smiling down at us.

God bless you both, Melissa and Sue, you cheered up my day!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poll results

I asked how long will it take me to stitch the Dimensions kit I got from my brother and his wife, wanted to know if I had to dedicate more hours a week because my goal is to finish it by December.
Well according to the results it'll take no less than 6 months no more than 18 months. But I was told by a stitcher friend that it took her 2 years to complete it!
Well, I hope that the process will be easier if I prepare the fabric (trick I learned watching albums from other cross stitchers), I do it stitching lines every 10 squares, but to make it even easier (I'm too distracted, believe me it helps!) I stitch over and under, every two squares, as shown in the picture.
That makes me wonder... Do most stitchers prepare it?

Monday, February 18, 2008


I got four packages and it was all from the shopping I did on line. I have to say I'm very happy with all my products.

This one is from Cross Country Shopping. I've got the alphabet sampler pack (4 magazines with just alphabets), a large 28 ct evenweave fabric (antique white) and an afghan, because I will be stitching the Angel Afghan published in the Cross Country Stitching magazine.

From The Silver Needle: DMC's Light Effects Tropical Glow Set of 6, Light Effects Blended Favorites Set of 6, Effects 1 Skein White Glow-in-the-Dark (can't wait until Halloween!). Shepperd's Bush's Star Musing Chart and JABCO Star Musing Clay Pack, Beehive Roll, Friendship Roll and Snow Fall Roll. Pine Mountain's Spring Foursome mini pillow (cute!). Periwinkle perforated paper and some tools, a Cross Stitch Gauge and an Antiqued Gold Thread Cutter. Of course Lindy and the gals added a colorful pen and some jelly beans (love those!!!).

My first thing bought on ebay, this adorable Dimensions cross stitch quilt from abullrun... Will work as lapghan and combines perfectly with the color scheme at the craft room.

And this is from 1-2-3 Stitch: DMC's color variations threads needed for the MSAL, some other multicolored thread, size 12 cotton perlé balls (those can't be found here, we only get size 8) which is used for hardanger, 22 ct antique white hardanger, crystalites crochet hook set, and mill hill glass beads and bugle beads.

Oh my!!!! I don't want to go to work! I want to stay home stitching! LOL

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fellow crocheter

Mildred lives in South Dakota. She made these lovely doilies and accented them using a multicolor crochet thread 100% cotton (made by Cléa in Brazil). Love the combinations she made!
She's a talented lady for sure and I hope I can show more her work.
Thanks Sandy for sending the picture.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Treasures from Houston!

My brother and my sister in law are so darling! They always find a way to spoil me! I've got a Dimensions cross stitch kit "A treasured time" and two tapestries from Rome! One of Christ and the other one of the Virgin. Those will be framed, I want to protect them!
I was stunned when Mercedes gave me the package because I used to admire that design on the Dimensions web page. Christmas is my favorite time of the year.
Now I have will be stitching it to have it on time for Christmas, since it's a large design I will prepare the fabric to avoid making mistakes.
Thanks Kristen and German!!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Today I got a notification from the post office to pick up FOUR small packages addressed to me. I keep wondering what they are... Are they the stash I bought on line? Will it be my fabrics? Magazines? Kits? Floss? Hope I'm getting the special DMC floss for the MSAL. Or my Magnificent Seven Series Second Season DVDs.
I'm just too curious and I keep wondering.... What are the packages filled with? Maybe the something from the exchanges? Let me see... I'm still waiting for the biscornu and bookmark from the January challenges at EMS.
God, I'll have to wait until Monday to satisfy my curiosity!!! And so will you lol I'll post the pictures!

P.S. I just got a call from Mercedes, my dear brother sent with her "some embroidery stuff" for me... but that will be picked up tomorrow, not too long guessing. Lucky me! This is the week of getting surprised!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hardanger received from exchange!

I'm so happy I finally got my hardanger piece from the EMS exchange. It is an envelope perfectly stitched by Dominique, from France. I just love her attention to detail in stitching my initials!
She also sent a postcard I added to my collection of postcards from around the globe.
I got it today and I'm already using it to keep all the stitched bookmarks gotten from the bookmark exchanges and the one I stitched, which I symbolic gave to God and use it to mark passages from the Bible.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taming metallics

Working with metallic threads can be very frustrating and make the process slow, but the result can be very rewarding!
I've experimented with some methods to make the stitching process easier. The best I've found so far is to glue the ends. I use to do it with white glue, but then I used the glue gun, which is faster because you don't have to wait until the glue is dry.
The trick is to use only a tiny dab, and then flatten it with the fingers (or else it will ruin the fabric), using two threads it's best if both ends are glued at the same time.
The good thing about it is that the thread won't unravel, and it tangles less, so it is easier to stitch the motif. I've only used it with DMC, but works on metallic, jewel effects and pearlescent effects.
But to make it run better through the fabric, mixing one strand of the metallic and another one of the same color (non metallic), will keep the thread from tangling.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Craft room!!!

Here's the progress on my new craft room. The fact that I haven't had the time to work on it was driving me crazy... Still haven't finish the painting, but that has to be put off for a while. The pink wall will be hot pink like the one on the trim.
I'm happy with the progress so far, at least is looking organized lol I used a wooden cabinet my mom gave me to keep all the cross stitch stash. The small drawers are perfect for the buttons, small charts and other accessories. Still working on a drawer chest to keep other materials such as foamy, crochet magazines, paper, craft punchers....
I added a board to keep track of my projects, have a smaller one (not hanged yet) that will be useful for the supplies lists and to-do's.
The curtains are not ready, I'm using this one on the meantime, but when the actual curtains are ready (they're made from the same fabric), this one will become a bean bag... Sounds crazy but I'm convinced it'll look nice!
And further on I'm planning to have a sofa bed to double as guest room as well.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mini biscornu

I'm planning to make some of these to give away. Some friends have said how neat they are, and to be honest they're addictive, you make one, you will never want to stop LOL
OK, that makes one down, three more to go. This one is for Luby, she can use it as a pin keep. I don't know if she sews, but everyone stitches at least buttons, right?
The pattern for this one came from a booklet of country designs Sandy gave me past Christmas. I wonder how a cross stitch quilt will look like. Bet it'll be the coolest quilt ever. Have to add it to my to-do-list.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Love Bookmark

Since soon will be Valentine's day, I chose to stitch the love bookmark sent by knittykitty, from EMS board, at the 2007 Start your Christmas Stitching Secret pal.
Of course, I couldn't resist to use the variegated floss Sandy sent me past Christmas. The picture doesn't make justice to the lovely effect gotten with the floss, I think it looks much better than it would if it were stitched with plain floss.
To finish it I backed it with hot pink corduroy... Kind of weird, but I like the effect, plus makes it more stiff.