Friday, February 29, 2008


Participating on the exchanges is so nice!I'd been doing it on EMS board for a while. This week I got two packages, one of them is from Melissa in Kentucky. She sent a lovely snowflake bookmark stitched in my two favorite colors, blue and green, along with a card that invites to keep peace in your heart (and I've been praying so much for it!). Just beautiful! I'm so blessed!

The other one came all the way from Malaysia, Sugielah stitched a delicate biscornu with flowers on one side and butterflies on the other and added a few extra presents from her country. One of them made me remember my aunt Nieves, she collected fans and I'd been keeping in mind to get one... Wow, it came from far away sent by a new friend, I'm sure my aunt is smiling down at us.

God bless you both, Melissa and Sue, you cheered up my day!


patternnuts said...

OOoooh! Awesome goodies!
Exchanges can be very addicting. :)

sue said...

I'm so glad you love them!