Friday, February 15, 2008


Today I got a notification from the post office to pick up FOUR small packages addressed to me. I keep wondering what they are... Are they the stash I bought on line? Will it be my fabrics? Magazines? Kits? Floss? Hope I'm getting the special DMC floss for the MSAL. Or my Magnificent Seven Series Second Season DVDs.
I'm just too curious and I keep wondering.... What are the packages filled with? Maybe the something from the exchanges? Let me see... I'm still waiting for the biscornu and bookmark from the January challenges at EMS.
God, I'll have to wait until Monday to satisfy my curiosity!!! And so will you lol I'll post the pictures!

P.S. I just got a call from Mercedes, my dear brother sent with her "some embroidery stuff" for me... but that will be picked up tomorrow, not too long guessing. Lucky me! This is the week of getting surprised!!!

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