Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poll results

I asked how long will it take me to stitch the Dimensions kit I got from my brother and his wife, wanted to know if I had to dedicate more hours a week because my goal is to finish it by December.
Well according to the results it'll take no less than 6 months no more than 18 months. But I was told by a stitcher friend that it took her 2 years to complete it!
Well, I hope that the process will be easier if I prepare the fabric (trick I learned watching albums from other cross stitchers), I do it stitching lines every 10 squares, but to make it even easier (I'm too distracted, believe me it helps!) I stitch over and under, every two squares, as shown in the picture.
That makes me wonder... Do most stitchers prepare it?


patternnuts said...

I don't always, but did with the last project I started....
My, how long did it take you to graph it out (prepare it the way you did)?

Sandra said...

It took me about two hours, it's not a big piece, but I can assure you I'd been working it very easily! I tend to make a lot of mistakes and that slows down the stitching process, with this method I stitch more steadily.
Thanks for the comment!

patternnuts said...

You're welcome!