Saturday, March 8, 2008

My first zigouigoui

I've been watching these beauties on some French stitchers blogs. So I couldn't resist to do one!!! It took me five hours, very little time considering that I'm multitasking... Here's how I did it:

28ct antique white evenweave.
DMC floss 895, 704, 602, 209, 947 and 444
Tiny purple flat bell

  1. Stitch the design, has to be a square. I used the blackwork biscornu design, mine; before pulling it together, is 1.8 inches long!
  2. Fold it and sew the edges as done wit the biscornu.
  3. Fold it again, the other way around and close one side. Fill it with acrylic cotton, then close the other side.
  4. Add tassels, beadings... Whatever your imaginations tells you to do (that's the fun part!!!)
  5. Then you have this beauty!

About the word: I read somewhere that it is a word that means "small object or drawing you don't know how to call" and also stands for sex... lol


carole said...

génial !!!!!!! :o)

il est parfait !!!!!

je peux avoir la photo pour le montrer sur mon blog ?

bon dimanche .

de France

Sandra said...

Bonjour Carole! Ton travail est très jolie!!!! Prenez la photo du mon premier zigouigoui pour ton blog, c'est magnifique!

sue said...

it is so cute ... i think i should make one too :D

najma said...

¡que bonito!
cuando oí el nombre pensé que era otra cosa :) ja ja, es que es como se denomina a cierta parte femenina :D
te ha quedado genial, gracias por las explicaciones, voy a hacer alguno
un beso

♥PXLaura♥ said...

Precioso!!!! realmente me gusta mucho esta tecnica!