Friday, March 21, 2008

Progress on MSAL

I've been doing some stitching this week, not as much as I wanted to but still could make some progress on the Mystery SAL designed by Helga Mandl and Barbara Ana. Think I can have it finished by Monday, but I ran out of white, so that will have to wait until next week (bunny and the other snowman.
This is how it's looking so far:

I have only one doubt... Still don't know if I'm working the multicolor thread properly, I know it should be work finishing each cross instead of working rows of half crosses and then back. My question is: do I finish each cross and work them horizontally on rows or should I do it by parts like squares, vertically, diagonally? I know it affects the way it looks at the end... Just wondering.


Lisa said...

Yes, how you stitch with the verigated thread will affect the outcome, however, if you like how it looks the way it is now, then keep stitching that way.
Me, I'm stitching one cross stitch at a time, in a diagonal. But I've seen people do it in squares, circles, etc., in addition to the straight row.
Have fun and be creative!

Ranae said...

Hi Sanda, thanks for visiting my blog and commeting. I will follow your zigouigoui?? for sure Thanks!! I would love to make one.
I did my MSAL with straight vertical on the path to the house and did my car horizonal straight. I tried to mix it up a little,lol.
I enjoyed browsing your blog, I will be back.

Barbara said...

How you stitch with the varigated thread is totally up to you - it's fun to experiment with the different directions to see what sort of effect each provides.