Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring foursome

I've just finished my Spring foursome mini pillow kit from Pine Mountain. It's adorable! I like that even the aida is not washed white it has a slight green tint. Well now I have to decide what to do with it because when I bought it I thought it was larger (I'm metric, so have to get use to the measurements in inches and so...)

I wonder why there's so much leftover thread... Happens with the kits, that's nice because they can be useful for small projects, but also kind of makes me nervous to see that amount of thread and I wonder if it's done wrong lol

Well as I said before we have only two seasons here, rainy and dry. We should be on dry season now, but there's been raining since past Thursday (three days in a row), so my guess is with all this world weather change ours is crazy as well.

Don't want to be rambling but have to tell two good news:
  1. I'm a DMC mentor! Now have four students. Have joined the program on DMC's Spain web page. Don't know if they will send me the kit, but they have pretty good material for apprentices.
  2. Finally got to join Love Quilts and I signed up to stitch a square for a little boy. Feel happy about it!
Next step will be to make a comfort doll, or maybe two!


Ranae said...

Oh! I love your little PM pillow. Congtrats! on being a DMC mentor and joining Love Quilts

sue said...

i love the little PM pillow! so cute and well done. Good to hear good news. All the best!