Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still here!

Hi I'm still here, haven't post because real life can get so busy sometimes... Anyway, here's what I'd been working on:
  • Two humbugs (dark and light): for the EMS April exchange. Val came up with the idea of using the same thread and the same design but two different shades of fabric. I can't give out the details until my partner gets them. Believe me, I'm bitting my lip!!!! Only I will say that despite the same threads and designs as well as the same type of fabric was used, they look different. It was an interesting job.
  • A fingertip towel, also for an exchange, so picture will be kept until my partner gets it. But is very sweet...
  • Two T-shirts for my Goddaughter Nathaly's third birthday. One pink, with crocheted accents and one black with tropical glows flowers and butterflies... They're not ready yet but as soon as they are I'll post the pictures. Nathaly won't mind lol

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