Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on Spring square

Today I did some progress on the spring square from the wXSw 4 seasons SAL. I did some creative personalizations (and not only to hide mistakes lol). Among them:

  • Used antique white yarn for the princess chick.
  • Used variegated threads.
  • Added some beading.
  • Did half x stitch for the frame.

Well, it'll have to wait until the weekend to have it finished, but I'm happy with the way it looks so far. Pictures don't make justice to it, maybe when it's done I'll take the picture on daylight.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Stitch pink

Stitch pink is having a contest for MDesign's Survivor Tree ornament, the draw will be June 7th. This blog is about breast cancer awareness. My mom is a breast cancer survivor (Praise the Lord), so I think is a worthy cause, please visit and leave a comment.


My partner at EMS exchange, sweetycat, got her Beach theme needlebook. This is the second I do, the first one was for a blackwork exchange (you can see it in my exchanges:sent album). Tried to do some improvements, it was quite a challenge since I don't have my sewing machine, so it was all hand sewn, and glue gunned!!!




I'm pleased that at the end it looks good, because I had a problem when I started to stitch for this exchange, wanted to do a navy blue needlebook with one of Helga Mandl's design. I bought the pattern specially for this occasion, dyed the fabric (with all the instructions and precautions followed), stitched it and when I ironed it... The fabric bled!!!! I felt awful! Couldn't be saved, it's lying around somewhere, because I tried splashing it with some chlorine to give it a 60's kind of look, but the color faded a little, didn't really achieve the look I wanted. I'll try with bleach next time and if I ever get to finish it you'll be looking at it!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Four seasons SAL

Helga Mandl did a great job designing this SAL. Well, we all know how gorgeous her designs are, don't we? She did it just for us people at wXSw yahoo group.

I wanted to finish the Spring square this weekend, but sadly I'm too responsible to leave the housework, web course homework, school weekly plan and university lessons undone lol I had very little time to stitch; but looking at the bright side clothes are clean, house is all set up, and my work is up to date.

Was thinking about posting the picture after it was all finished, and by that I mean really finished! Strike me as a fancy idea doing each square as a different bag, I'll have a set of four seasons bags in green, yellow, orange and blue. And they will be a work of art, because I don't have a sewing machine, for now, so they'll be all hand sewn... Will add some beading and crocheted flowers, and of course the lining will be with one of my new printed finishing fabrics :o)

I changed the original colors to match the finishing fabric, and because Helga said we could. Use mostly variegated thread (Janlynn and Anchor). Here's how it's looking so far:

Friday, May 23, 2008


I joined Sanmanville, it's a wonderful place, Sandy and Tracy are doing a great job with their designs, San-Man Originals.

Here's how my SAL looks so far (and I'm up to date!). I had to alter a little the colors because didn't had some of them, like in the cat, used the yellow of the variegated floss Sandy O. sent me past December. And I'm thinking about doing the wXSw 4 seasons SAL (designed by Helga Mandl) all variegated! Come by tomorrow if you want to peek it!

Well, here's one of the pictures, more can be seen at my WIP album.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crocheted shrug

One thing I love about crochet is that it can be carried anywhere easily and that's how the pieces grow so soon.

Using the yarn from123stitch in Artist Print, I did this shrug, it's no so cold lately so it works fine.

The pattern came from a magazine, basically is a rectangle, twisted once and then attached on the ends.

On the front side you can see the twist, had to wear it, otherwise it wouldn't show the detail.

This is how it looks on the backside, had to join in in an "L" shape, made it too big lol But now it looks like a triangle (don't tell anyone that it was a creative personalization lol)

I only work...

Haven't you had one of those days when you ask yourself why do you work for? Well, whenever I want to quit I remind myself this: "I only work to support my cross stitch addiction" lol I know that I could live with a lot less, but then how will I pay for my beloved stash??? It works like chocolate, raises my endorphins and makes me feel happy lolol No color key this time, I envision it with some variegated or multicolor thread for the letters, just that my program doesn't have that feature. Will have to post a picture when is done.

Also in pc stitch format here.

I fell immediately identified with it when I read it in Melissa's signature @ EMS cross stitch board, so I asked her permission to create a pattern with it, which will be a bag soon. Thanks Melissa!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tolerance angel

In a world where there's so much needed, here's this week's angel: Tolerance. We're all different and we're all precious in the eyes of God.
Happy stitching!

Design size: 36 stitches tall x 56 stitches wide

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crocheted rainbow bag

Told Suzanne that I was going to publish the pattern for this bag, so here it goes:

70% cotton 30% viscose yarn in pink, orange, yellow, green blue and purple.
00 steel crochet hook

Front and back: With pink ch 50 (or as many as the length you desire) , turn and *dc on each stitch of previous row*, turn ch3 repeat * 6 times (at the end you should have 7 rows). Fasten off color.

With orange ch3 on ending stitch of previous row and repeat the process (same with yellow, green, blue and purple, then go backwards blue, green, yellow, orange pink).

Sides: You have now a large rectangle, fold it in half. With blue sc on the first dc of the blue row, then 2 dc on each dc of the purple row (that is attaching it to the edge, that's why you'll need 2dc instead of 1). At the end of the row attach it to the blue side and repeat the process 6 more times. Then fasten off and start with green; do the same with all the colors in order. That has to be done to both sides.

Top: This is a stitch we call "punto cangrejo" in spanish(someting like crab stitch) , I don't know the name for it in english. but is done from left to right. I found a video tutorial that's perfect to explain it.

Cord: Ch 4, 3 dc on fourth ch hook, on last dc ch 3, 3 dc on same stitch and so on... I prefer to say it with images lol

Pocket: Done with a half granny square in the 7 colors and then done the crab stitch on top of it. Here's a neat pattern with picture.

Special thanks to the people who shared their talents with the tutorials :0)
Hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did. It always raise praises and people ask me where I bought it. If you crochet one, I'd love to see and publish the picture!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Melina the mermaid

She's finally here!!!! My first comfort doll. I'll have to send her to Pat, you can learn about the comfort dolls project.

Her name is Melina the mermaid and she was crocheted. She wears a starfish on her hair as a symbol of living in harmony with nature, her pearl necklace means prosperity and the moonstone drop she has between her hands has of the power to make dreams come true. Still have to do her presentation card. Hope she brings joy to someone.

Glenda ask who was the designer, I'll give God the credit because it was a patternless work, and as I was going further I kept praying it made sense at the end lol

The pictures are a little fuzzy, my camera is not working properly lately.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Today I went to the post office and got my package, it was all the stash from 123stitch! As usual things were perfect. And the bright side is I will be able to stitch on colored aida, I tried dying my own and it bled...

My new fabric:
18ct aida in Victorian red, navy blue and hunter's green, 14 Count Fiddlers Lite, and 28ct monaco in black (it'll look great with the fluorescent colors threads from
DMC). Also got me a piece of 14ct waste canvas.
The floss:
Weeks Dye Works in spring bouquet, Old Glory, Bethlehem and celebration; Colorwash Silk Forest Fire (500) (just love it and I was going out of it!; DMC's color variations Monet's Garden, Morning Meadow, Lavender Fields and Desert Canyon.

And the yarn:
Red Heart Grande in Jump Multi and Candy Multi; TLC Cotton Plus in Thistle and Red Heart Super Saver Economy in Artist Print.

Well I have to say I love that store, they're efficient and fast.Thanks Joanne!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keep wondering...

I went to the Post Office, well you didn't expect me to wait until tomorrow, it would be like give a child a lollipop and tell that he has to wait... Just that I WILL have to wait until tomorrow. The ladies at the post office were given the afternoon off, as a mother's day present from their bosses. The only one there was the desk girl, so I at least was able to mail the item for the EMS exchange...

Anyway I had to deal with frustration, so I went to shop a new fabric for the SAL. Didn't find any suitable, instead I got me these lovely backing fabrics and a new hardanger scissor (learn the hard way what are scissors fob for... lost the other one lol)

Peek my lovely fabrics, and they're so nice to touch!




Hearts and flowers:

Bugs, hearts and flowers:

Scissor, with the zigouigoui to help me find it lol:

Surprise in the mail!

Got a notification from the Post Office to go pick up a small package, wonder what can it be... Don't think is something from the exchanges because it weights more than 500 gr.... Well, I'll let you know this afternoon what surprise has stashy goodness sent for me lol My guesses are:
  1. My subscription magazines from Cross Country Shopping.
  2. My floss and yarn from 123 stitch.
  3. My 2 books from Amazon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm so happy today, Val got her humbugs (and the peace angel). They were such a pleasant work... And the process was different because I didn't know how to design them on paper so did it onto the fabric itself. I used a Booklet Sandy sent past Christmas as a guide for the special stitches: Rhodes heart, eyelet holes, satin stitch (ship), it also has herringbone stitch and French knot.
The thread I used was size 8 balls: 6401 multicolor in earth tones (DMC), and anchor 0280 green and 0350 terracotta (Anchor).
Here are the pictures:



This is how they look all assembled, my ADD was present, as usual, and I closed them in different ways... Was suppose to be like the light one. Can we say is a creative solution? lol

Back side

I love the heart and the ship forming a flower, that's the reason for the French knot over it, wanted it to look like a tulip. The tassel and the cord weren't so hard to do, I used some techniques provided by fellow blogger stitchers. Just a tip, use long strands, short ones make it difficult to knot them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friendship grows

This is a small bag /purse for a dear friend, her birthday was past month, but now is when I got to finish it.
The design is from a Lizzie Kate complimentary pattern. I used antique white evenweave and for the lining very light pistachio green linen. The multicolor thread is Glisten Gloss handpainted Japanese silk (500). Of course had to do some customizing using my beloved buttons! Originally it should have a dragonfly charm, it was substituted by a dragonfly button ;)
It's intended to be used for makeup or any other feminine thing we women always need to keep in our bags lol Bet she's gonna love it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Virtues Angels Set

A new angel is born, peace angel... This will be a set, I'll be giving out a new one each week (hope that also will have the time to stitch them lol).

These are my naive-country a little primitive, set of angels. Hope they are welcome in some stitcher's home...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stich design software

Yay!!! Diane from EMS, pointed me into the direction of Stitch a free software. It is very user friendly, although I still don't know how to do to make the grid look like the one from graph paper (bolder lines every ten squares) I was able to do this:

I'm very happy I can finally have a way to make my designs digitally! Thanks Diane, this angel is dedicated to you.

Big flower biscornu

In Venezuela we say May is "flower month". Trees and plants are full of flowers everywhere... Here's a complimentary chart for you, I stitched it as a biscornu in the EMS 2007 exchange, sent to Sylvianne in France. You can see the stitched model in my Exchanges: sent album.

I still don't own PC stitch or any other software design, that will have to wait until next year when I have back my internet spending allowance lol This was designed the old fashioned way, graph paper and colors ;-) The large one is the front and the tiny one is meant to be in each corner in the backside. Click to get a larger version.

Design size: 50x50 stitches
Color key
: DMC 895 (dark green), 703 (light bright green), 602 (fuchsia), 3806 (pink) and 725 (bright yellow). Cross stitches and lines (backstitch) are done with 2 strands and dots (french knots) are stitched with 1 strand. I suggest a bright yellow button at the center. Enjoy!

PS: I'd love to see the pictures from you if you decided to stitch it!