Saturday, May 3, 2008

Big flower biscornu

In Venezuela we say May is "flower month". Trees and plants are full of flowers everywhere... Here's a complimentary chart for you, I stitched it as a biscornu in the EMS 2007 exchange, sent to Sylvianne in France. You can see the stitched model in my Exchanges: sent album.

I still don't own PC stitch or any other software design, that will have to wait until next year when I have back my internet spending allowance lol This was designed the old fashioned way, graph paper and colors ;-) The large one is the front and the tiny one is meant to be in each corner in the backside. Click to get a larger version.

Design size: 50x50 stitches
Color key
: DMC 895 (dark green), 703 (light bright green), 602 (fuchsia), 3806 (pink) and 725 (bright yellow). Cross stitches and lines (backstitch) are done with 2 strands and dots (french knots) are stitched with 1 strand. I suggest a bright yellow button at the center. Enjoy!

PS: I'd love to see the pictures from you if you decided to stitch it!


Annie said...

It's very cute. Thanks, Sandra.

patternnuts said...

Oooh, very nicely done. Thank you.

I have played with graph paper, it's fun, don't you think?