Sunday, May 18, 2008

Crocheted rainbow bag

Told Suzanne that I was going to publish the pattern for this bag, so here it goes:

70% cotton 30% viscose yarn in pink, orange, yellow, green blue and purple.
00 steel crochet hook

Front and back: With pink ch 50 (or as many as the length you desire) , turn and *dc on each stitch of previous row*, turn ch3 repeat * 6 times (at the end you should have 7 rows). Fasten off color.

With orange ch3 on ending stitch of previous row and repeat the process (same with yellow, green, blue and purple, then go backwards blue, green, yellow, orange pink).

Sides: You have now a large rectangle, fold it in half. With blue sc on the first dc of the blue row, then 2 dc on each dc of the purple row (that is attaching it to the edge, that's why you'll need 2dc instead of 1). At the end of the row attach it to the blue side and repeat the process 6 more times. Then fasten off and start with green; do the same with all the colors in order. That has to be done to both sides.

Top: This is a stitch we call "punto cangrejo" in spanish(someting like crab stitch) , I don't know the name for it in english. but is done from left to right. I found a video tutorial that's perfect to explain it.

Cord: Ch 4, 3 dc on fourth ch hook, on last dc ch 3, 3 dc on same stitch and so on... I prefer to say it with images lol

Pocket: Done with a half granny square in the 7 colors and then done the crab stitch on top of it. Here's a neat pattern with picture.

Special thanks to the people who shared their talents with the tutorials :0)
Hope you enjoy doing it as much as I did. It always raise praises and people ask me where I bought it. If you crochet one, I'd love to see and publish the picture!

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sue said...

awww sandra .. you are one busy bee! love the bag .. thank you for sharting the pattern. solovely!