Sunday, May 25, 2008

Four seasons SAL

Helga Mandl did a great job designing this SAL. Well, we all know how gorgeous her designs are, don't we? She did it just for us people at wXSw yahoo group.

I wanted to finish the Spring square this weekend, but sadly I'm too responsible to leave the housework, web course homework, school weekly plan and university lessons undone lol I had very little time to stitch; but looking at the bright side clothes are clean, house is all set up, and my work is up to date.

Was thinking about posting the picture after it was all finished, and by that I mean really finished! Strike me as a fancy idea doing each square as a different bag, I'll have a set of four seasons bags in green, yellow, orange and blue. And they will be a work of art, because I don't have a sewing machine, for now, so they'll be all hand sewn... Will add some beading and crocheted flowers, and of course the lining will be with one of my new printed finishing fabrics :o)

I changed the original colors to match the finishing fabric, and because Helga said we could. Use mostly variegated thread (Janlynn and Anchor). Here's how it's looking so far:


Barbara said...

I like your choices. Keep up the good work. ;D
Barb in TX

Sarah said...


Thanks for visiting my blog! D should be out soon (SanMan SAL), I can't wait!

I'm also thinking of starting the Helga Mandl SAL, but don't have the stitching time to handle so many SALs right now.