Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I'm so happy today, Val got her humbugs (and the peace angel). They were such a pleasant work... And the process was different because I didn't know how to design them on paper so did it onto the fabric itself. I used a Booklet Sandy sent past Christmas as a guide for the special stitches: Rhodes heart, eyelet holes, satin stitch (ship), it also has herringbone stitch and French knot.
The thread I used was size 8 balls: 6401 multicolor in earth tones (DMC), and anchor 0280 green and 0350 terracotta (Anchor).
Here are the pictures:



This is how they look all assembled, my ADD was present, as usual, and I closed them in different ways... Was suppose to be like the light one. Can we say is a creative solution? lol

Back side

I love the heart and the ship forming a flower, that's the reason for the French knot over it, wanted it to look like a tulip. The tassel and the cord weren't so hard to do, I used some techniques provided by fellow blogger stitchers. Just a tip, use long strands, short ones make it difficult to knot them.


Meari said...

They turned out nice!

Ranae said...

The hunbugs turned out beautifully

sue said...

awwww ... they are so nic esandra! you've done a great job!