Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keep wondering...

I went to the Post Office, well you didn't expect me to wait until tomorrow, it would be like give a child a lollipop and tell that he has to wait... Just that I WILL have to wait until tomorrow. The ladies at the post office were given the afternoon off, as a mother's day present from their bosses. The only one there was the desk girl, so I at least was able to mail the item for the EMS exchange...

Anyway I had to deal with frustration, so I went to shop a new fabric for the SAL. Didn't find any suitable, instead I got me these lovely backing fabrics and a new hardanger scissor (learn the hard way what are scissors fob for... lost the other one lol)

Peek my lovely fabrics, and they're so nice to touch!




Hearts and flowers:

Bugs, hearts and flowers:

Scissor, with the zigouigoui to help me find it lol:


sue said...

sandra, i think the fabric are gorgeous. I love the bright colour. it show happiness. and i love your scissor's fob too!

Meari said...

Cute, bright fabbies