Friday, May 23, 2008


I joined Sanmanville, it's a wonderful place, Sandy and Tracy are doing a great job with their designs, San-Man Originals.

Here's how my SAL looks so far (and I'm up to date!). I had to alter a little the colors because didn't had some of them, like in the cat, used the yellow of the variegated floss Sandy O. sent me past December. And I'm thinking about doing the wXSw 4 seasons SAL (designed by Helga Mandl) all variegated! Come by tomorrow if you want to peek it!

Well, here's one of the pictures, more can be seen at my WIP album.


sue said...

it's beautiful sandra. i love the cat too .. owhh i wish i can make them too

Annie said...

Looks great, Sandra. I like your cat better than the original.

Barbara said...

Looks fantastic. I need to get going on mine or I'll be playing catch-up after everyone has finished theirs. LOL I also love it at SanManville.
Barb in TX