Sunday, June 29, 2008

My weekend

Spent the weekend mostly playing...

With food, experimenting to create some
Bentō , been into this since I saw a book of Oriental food in my dad's cooking book collection, I was about 7 years old and I learned it was fun to play with food! I often treat myself decorating the things I eat.

Friday dinner:

Sunday lunch:


Also played with clay and started the making of the cotillones, some keepsakes I give the children or the end of the school year, they are filled with goodies, and then they can use it to keep their stuff.



Bugs, hearts and flowers drying:

Also with my stash, organizing it, and the messy beads... I had help for that chore, but still a few to organize.


AngelSan said...

that's all so cute, the kids will be lucky ! I like your food forms as well, I'm not that daring... ;)

Annie said...

You are such a crafty lady. Love your 'heart' lunch!

Sarah said...

Your veggies look so adorable! :D

Barbara said...

Fun food!!

Also stopping by to say how much I enjoy your angel patterns. :D