Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring is finished!!!

This is the spring square for the wXSw four seasons SAL. I have an ability to miscount, so it has a few err... I mean, creative personalizations. Well think it is my claim for fame lol. It'll be a bag as soon as I have some time off. For now I'm really happy with the way it looks. Tomorrow will take a picture in the daylight, the colors seem bit different in this light.

Ah! And Friday I got a notification from the PO, says it's certified, but not a small package, wonder what it is. My guess is it is something from the EMS exchanges or one of the Cross Country Stitching Magazines from my subscription.


Sandy said...

Your Spring looks great. I love the colors in this. :D Thanks for your visit to my blog and your comments. I love my bracelet, it can get very heavy after wearing it for a long time. :D

Annie said...

Sandra, that is just beautiful. What great color choices you made!

Ranae said...

Spring is the cutest. I must start mine, I think about starting it, does that count? lol.
It make an adorable bag.