Friday, June 27, 2008

Stashy day!

I came home from work, well actually it was the supermarket, with all the work and stuff I've been doing lately my fridge was empty, so it needed immediate actions lol On my door step was waiting two notices from the PO to pick up something they said were a "print" (such as a magazine) and a small package.

Of course, as you can imagine, there was no way I would wait until Monday afternoon, more because I thought one of them might be my presents from the EMS exchanges... Tired and under the rain I went (after a delicious lunch, cooked by me) to the PO. Well, there was no print, but an envelope from Bits and Bob with my beloved Anchor multicolor floss and the charms for Lizzie Kate's Friendship grows and Friends for all seasons.
The small package was TA-DAH!!!!! The lost package from knitcetra. They added a cute baby cap as a way to express their apologies for the delay. I got a Dimensions "A home for all seasons" quilt kit, Janlynn 19ct baby blanket, Janlynn Shoes Eyeglass case and Christmas Friends Welcome. I requested it to be gift wrap and was charged with 3.89$ but no gift wrapping at all.
I made the order December 30, 2.007 because the blanket was for my mom (birthday April 7th and mother's day, on May, so was going to give it to her somewhere in the middle), and the case was for Kathe's birthday (March 20) and I wanted to stitch it, now she'll get it as a kit, since she wants to learn to cross stitch the way I do, well, that will be useful. I wanted to give it to her with a set of acrylic colorful crochet hooks, which got here on time. Anyway she's moving in tomorrow so I'll be giving it also as a welcome present lol

My mom brought me some magazines past time when she came to visit, and already chose the design she wants for the quilt, but I'm going to need smaller motifs to stitch onto the squares,
will have to look through my magazines to see if I can find cherry tree flowers, bamboo and other Japanese motifs... I told her it was OK but she'll might have to wait until Christmas to be done lol.

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