Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brooke's summer pantry

I finished July challenge for bbinteractive, the new cross stitch group I joined. Brooke Nolan designed a lovely summer pantry, which is no wonder since all of her designs are gorgeous. The challenge was to personalize it.

Had so much fun doing it that I forgot to have lunch today lol Turned the stove off and said: "well, just finish the watermelon and then I'll eat (lunch)" and noticed I skipped it about at six, when I was pressing the piece lolol Well, don't blame me, just look at what kept me so concentrated:

My version was smyrna stitched, because for me it's a perfect stitch for country designs. My other personalizations: bee, ribbon flower, chocolate chip cookies (made with the clay leftovers from the cotillones, remember?), lace plus antique blue pearlescent tiny beads (the original was stitched), beads on the cherry pie (yummy!!!), heart button on the cup and my signature! I had to sign the masterpiece lol

I thought it would be a recipe book cover, but now that is done I will definitely frame it. It was a week work but totally worth it!!! Well, this week will be stitching Joan's SAL, something I have to do by day because chose black fabric to do it. Can't hardly wait to have my summer stitcher's tool set done, but will be looking for another backing fabric, really not happy with the one I found.

Happy stitching week!


Annie said...

You did an amazing job on that, Sandra. So many cute ideas on one piece! Are the clay cookies the kind you bake? Or is that the kind of clay that hardens in the air?

Sandra said...

Thank you Annie!!! It's the one that hardens with the air, I applied a little gloss to protect it in case I have to wash it in the future. But they look yummy! Don't they? lol