Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool mail day!

Went to the Post office and got my Mary Engelbreit's "Alphabets with personality" book, box was opened, but thank God the book was plastic wrapped inside so it was in perfect conditions. (Photo comes from Amazon.com)

Was waiting for it to make key rings to give away and also floss rings, since it matches this lovely fabric I had in my stash since about a year...

Also got a scissor's fob that came all the way from Australia, made by Sherryn, it's lovely! Haven't seen that color before.

Already attached it to my red fabric scissor.

And also got a lovely yarn from Xiomara, we call her "manita", which be something like "litl' sis", she bought it for her daughter but she didn't use it so she was carrying up and down and eneded up in my stash! lol I'll used it for something nice...

I was uplifted today!!!


Annie said...

Definitely an uplifting day!

Check my blog for a little something thrown your way!

Sandra said...

Thanks Annie!!! I feel very special!

MIEK said...

that fits very well, the fabric and mary`s alfabet.
i thought not to buy the book but now a`m not shure anymore.:))))
miek (painted fabrics)

TattingChic said...

What an exciting mail call. The scissors fob is absolutely beautiful! What a lucky gal you are, so loved! Happy Stitching with that fabulous new Mary Englebreit book!