Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I don't know when I'll be teaching a group again... I had fun doing these for the children. In Venezuela we call them "cotillones" and they are given at a party (usually birthday) and at schools mostly in December, February-March (for "Carnaval"), at the end of the school year in July, some also give them as a welcome present.

Every year we dedicate a lot of hours in doing these, putting all our creativity, skills and love in them, our present for the children... Here are my 26 cotillones, they were a huge success among the children, despite the advice of some friends who told me that the pink hearts might seem a bit "girly" (I had 7 girls and 19 boys in the class), but none of them said anything about it, they had a lot of fun choosing the one that "looks like them" lol


Annie said...

Sandra, these are so cute. You really put a lot of effort into them. Are they little boxes? Do I see a removable lid? I believe this is tje same as 'party favors' in the US for little gifts you give to the party attendees.

You are one clever lady!

Sandra said...

Thanks Annie!!! I knew about party favors, just thought it would only apply to birthday parties lol Yes, the lid is removable and they are about 8 inches tall by 6 inches diameter (plenty of room for crayons and such...)

Estela A. said...

Sandra que bonitos te quedaron!!!! y el trabajo de hacer tantos!!! te felicito por tu dedicación,yo quiero ser tu alumna!!! muchos saludos, Estela