Friday, July 4, 2008

Mail day

Today I received two things on the mail:

My first Cross country stitching magazine, from the subscription I mean. It's June issue, there are a couple of designs that I want, have, to stitch. Fell in love with the country sampler, just lovely! Of course I keep wondering if they sent one before that issue, I'm worried because there is a new mailman, the chief of the PO told me so and he had to give the new employee explicit directions to my house. There are two houses with the same number in my neighborhood, it happens in Latin America lol I keep puzzling if that was the first they sent.

A card from Melissa, it was what she did for me on the EMS challenge "Ellen's designs". Beautifully stitched, there's "Friendship wreath" in a scrapbook card she did. Too bad my camera is not working properly lately, you should see this beauty in person, I mean... card?

What strike me as a huge coincidence is that she wrote one of the poems I like best from Tolba Phanem (it's an extract to be exact) . It talks about a tribe in Africa where villagers get together when a baby is born and somehow they get the newborns song and sing it to him or her in the good and bad times, specially when they go through times of sadness and confusion, so they won't get lost... I am really touched! And as I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence, well, this couldn't have gotten here an a better moment. Thanks Melissa!!!

And... Don't you think the colors fit perfectly on my blog??? Another happy coincidence! BTW I tried to look for it on the web, but just found it in Spanish


Estela said...

Hola Sandra!!! Que bonito te quedó tu blog, felicidades!!!!!, te mando muchos saludos, Estela

Meari said...

What a nice card!

You have a really cute blog.