Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tolerance angel pinkeep

This is my first pinkeep, I used the pattern for tolerance angel but changed a few colors to coordinate with the backing fabric, the one I like best is the main color of the angel dress, used DMC 1345 variations color.

I hope this is going to be used only for decorative purposes, because two of the pins can't be moved lol This is another angel that'll be flying away to....Jamie!!! And that makes 46 to go.




najma said...

so lovely¡¡¡¡
and the fabric you used on the back is really nice and joyful

Ranae said...

Cute pinkeep.
Fabulous finishing, it turned out great.

Annie said...

Very pretty. I think these days all the pinkeeps people make are decorative rather than functional. So now worries on that score.