Friday, July 25, 2008

The week before last working week

Strange title! But that's how it is. This was the week before the last week of work, next Friday...Vacations!!!

I'd been very busy so my stitching has been slow, also have so many emails to check, my participation on the boards very rare. This week I could only knit a little, you know, carrying it all up and down, knitting on the bus, on lunch break, while I waited for my students (they are always about half an hour late).

On the process I learned something hugely important regarding to knitting: stockinette stitch isn't suitable for scarves, you will end up with a tube because it tends to roll over itself. See it for yourself:

Right side:

Wrong side:

I had to undo the job and start over again, this time using garter stitch, look the difference!

I'm planning to add flowers to it, not sure yet if crocheted or embroidered...

Well, enough for today, now I'll go to see what going on on my fellow stitchers blogs!

Happy weekend!


Annie said...

I see what you mean about stockinette. Sometimes people do a few garter stitches on the end of each row to keep it flat. But I like your complete garter stitched one. That's very pretty yarn.

Pike said...

Sandra, I know how eagerly you are waiting for the holiday!!!
Guess what, our school starts August 11 - so I only have a week and a half...
But, never mind, once I discovered cross stitching again and also got hooked up with the blog world, they will surely help me relax after work. I'm also hosting the Finnish Secret Stitcher Sister/Friend during the autumn... FUN!

sue said...

auw sandra.... you are knitting!!! i'm so jealous! they are gorgeous!

sue said...

usy bee, there's an award for you too in my blog .... *wink*