Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm back!

It's been a while since my last post, was taking care of my dad, he had a stroke past July 27th, now he's doing better I'm resuming my normal life.

I'm kind sad that my Love Quilt Square didn't make it on time, the due date was August 1st... If they get it later maybe they can use it on another kid's quilt.

Another angel was sent... The count is going down! Let's see how many more can I do this vacation.

About stitching I've been finishing the items for the EMS exchanges: initial scissor fob, design it yourself biscornu and an angel pinkeep. The first two are finished and about to be sent today. The angel pinkeep needs one small detail: the pins! lol How could I forgot to buy them? No pictures until my partners get the items, but I assure you they're cute! lol

Also did some progress on the knitted scarf, but I won't put a picture since it's not so different from the one posted in the 25th.

Did a small purse to give at Paola's birthday, she wants a pajama party but still we're giving party favors.

She didn't like much the option, so this one is going to Camila, she will turn 4 on the 19th. Paola liked better the idea of a diary, we (her aunt Kathe and I) bought some colored sheets, cut them in half and made notebooks with it, but the fancy part is that they will have a crocheted cover with multicolor thread and crocheted flowers as accents! Bet they will be thrilled, also will add stickers and a pen with sparkly ink. It's a lot of work but Kathe will be helping me and Paola will be ten just once!!! As soon as we have one I'll post the picture!

And last, but not least I'm working on a Dotee doll, just that instead of fabric it has a crocheted body, can't wait to see it finish. It will go to the comfort doll project, I'm planning a few of those, since are not so complicated.


Annie said...

Glad to hear that a little normalcy is returning to your life. And sounds like you've been one busy stitcher and crafter.

The diaries sound fabulous, but I liked the purse too.

And don't worry.. the Love Quilts squares all get used eventually. They make a lot of 'special' un-scheduled quilts. I'm sure yours will be much appreciated.

Meari said...

Cute little purse :) The diary idea sounds really cool.