Saturday, August 16, 2008

Paola's diaries.

As I said, Paola's turning ten and celebrating it with a pajama party.

To make the diaries we bought colored sheets, since they were letter size we thought that cutting it to half was better for the kids to handle. Made them as notebooks binding them with plastic covers and spirals in blue and hot pink, they look different because of the backing sheet color. Kathe, and I'm giving her all the credit because it seemed to much for me, so I didn't help with that, perforated the sheets with a different puncher for each group color, she used hearts, rows with doves and hearts and flowers and hearts. very nice touch, she did it so neatly that you can see the next color through it, too bad I forgot to take a picture...

The idea was to knit a cover and decorate it with flowers, but after looking how cute they seen with just the flowers, Kathe and I decided to drop the knitted cover part, plus we have very little time and the guest list increased from 6 to 8 lol

The butterfly, dragonfly and bee were done using a stamp on a color ink pad and embossing powder, those look so neat! It gives it a shiny glow and add texture, bet the girls will love it! Of course we added a sparkly gel ink pen to each girl, tied with a crocheted cord, also a sheet of stickers, which... oops, forgot to take a picture!

We wanted to personalize each diary but the girls still didn't confirm so it was better not to write their names, just in case. The only ones with names on it are Paola's and Reina's (her cousin).

Small flowers for the guests and the big bright flower for my birthday girl... Don't blame me! I wanted it extra special for her lol That flower took me a whole afternoon...

Hope the girls like those as much as we do! lol At least Paola just call me to tell she didn't like them, she LOVED them! Cool, we're hired again for the next year LOL


Annie said...

Those are great! What a fun way to use the crochet motifs. Perfect for the girls!

Dawn B. said...

What a great Idea for little girls. Hope they have fun with them.