Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buzzing around biscornu

Roz, my partner on the bbinteractive group biscornu swap, just got the one I made for her. Stitched Barbara Ana's buzzing around biscornu, used ivory aida.

Here it is all stitched before sewing it together:


Front and side:

Back, with the tiny button:

I love making biscornus!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Itsy Bitsy Angel

Just couldn't resist to share... All the fabric is cut, but just had to finish and show one... This is the first one, and it will go to someone on the list, just thought to make it a surprise I'll finish five and send them by Friday, to the first five names on the list.

Take a peek:

Teeny tiny, just too cute!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christmas cards

I stitched two Christmas cards and sent them off yesterday. They have a long way to go, to Croatia for a charity bazaar. Hope they get there on time...

Here's Santa Claus! Couldn't resist to use one of the fabrics to enhance the stitching. Instead of cross stitching it, used a heart button. The card is Christmas red, and used a corner craft puncher with stars to add a small detail inside, but forgot to picture it and the envelope.

This cute snowman is a freebie from Tiens donc! The buttons are Jesse James snowflakes and country buttons.

Added hearts inside and on the envelope to match the one on top of the tree.

Right now I'm finishing the items for the exchanges, and this weekend I hope three of the peace angels will be ready, if that is so, well I'll picture them but without saying which one will go to whom!

Happy stitching!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to school

Tomorrow we're getting back to school. To celebrate it here's a little complimentary chart:

Eat right and study a lot!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surprise from The Netherlands

Margot, from EMS board, was my partner on the "Initial scissors fob exchange". I went to mail something yesterday and the girl told me I had something to pick up, I was unaware of what could it be, since I'm expecting so many packages.

When I opened the envelope there was a bubble wrap and the first thing I saw was the card, with my initial, in Ellen's garden alphabet (a sunflower, I wanted to stitch it for me!!!). Then started thinking:- what exchange is this one? Can't remember, maybe one from a long time ago...

Then I realized there was something else inside, opened the wrap and saw the tiny scissors fob with all my initials, that's when I got it! lol You can't blame me, The card is so perfectly stitched and beautiful that's a present itself.

Then were the other items she sent: a beautiful, sheer rainbow ribbon (one of my greatest treasures now!), beads in assorted sizes and colors, and a star pencil with a star charm (you know I'm also getting back to school, even if it's to work! lol).

Imagine my happiness!!! In order to be able to stitch all my four initials she picked a finishing that could hold them all: a zigouigoui!!! I attached the fob to my smallest hardanger scissors immediately, here's a picture of the top side with the beady cord, and she used a keyring for attaching, thought is was very clever because is easier to attach and also more durable.

Is it me or I'm so lucky when it comes to exchanges???

Happy stitching!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmas ornies for an exchange

Jenny got what I did for her on the K.I.S.S. exchange Angela organized. Big hugs Angela, this was way fun!

I'm kind of missing Christmas, so I stitched two ornies, both are freebies from my wXSw:

This one is Helga Mandl's Ops!

And this one is Barbara Ana's Moose be Christmas:

I used the same backing fabric for both of them, a red velveteen I "inherited" from
Maria Amelia (a huge thanks!)

And yesterday I got a lovely surprise on the mail. Will be posting a picture later, my camera's flash still doesn't work.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The flying angels.

I want to keep up at least one of my new years resolutions: Stitching and giving away 50 angels for world peace, of them there are 44 still to go . The time has come to speed up the process, so I designed a simpler angel, of course it's the template, but each angel will be different in colors and details. I'm offering the Itsy Bitsy: Dandelion Angel as a complimentary design, that's the template for the flying angels...

Finishings will be different, you know how it is when the creativity lightning bolt strikes lol but they are meant to be a stitcher's toy: scissors fob.

So if you want to help me with this resolution, here's my offering: email me (go to my complete profile at the bottom of the page, there you have a contact me link) with your snail mail address and I will send you an angel, all will be mailed before December 31st (that's 4 months, angels will fly as soon as they're done, can't know how many a month, but won't wait until they are all done). Only one requirement, post a comment as soon as you get your angel.

Blessed stitching!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fabrics, fabrics, fabrics.

I went shopping today, got great findings. Of course I would have buy the whole stores (went to three), but just got back with a few fabrics in each category:

Christmas (is coming, have to get ready)

Romantic (always handy)

Cotton gingham (versatile)

Shabby chic (couldn't resist)

Fun (for so many purposes)

Playful (and amazingly inexpensive)

Embroider (great find of the day! 22 ct ivory aida *even though is a polyester mix*, 22 ct black hardanger *never would even look for it, how would I have known I could find it here?* and 14 ct white aida *unbelievable! By the meter, not on pieces)

Also got embroidered ribbon in three designs (perfect for needle rolls and such)

And multicolor fluorescent cord (to match my fluorescent floss)

I'm happy!!! Doesn't matter I stayed home all this vacation. Upcoming: Solving the problem of keeping up my resolution... The flying angels.

Another mail day

Yesterday was mail day both for my partners at exchanges and for me.

I heard Sandy (Nana) from SMO had my kind deeds package, Louise already got before, so I'm just waiting for Joni to get it. Sorry guys, didn't take a picture of it...

Alexia got the scissor fob I did for her. Used my Mary Englebreit book and backing fabric. Here's the cutie:

Also got my angel pinkeep, Sandrine did a wonderful job picking the design and colors.

Even the backing fabric is so elegant! And love that it's a heart, just lovely!

And last, but not least, I got my KISS exchange item. Annie did an excellent job doing my luggage tag!!! YAY!!! I was so excited to see it!!! Of course, I attached it right away to my brand new green suitcase, fits perfectly!

Once I told that I would like to make one for me, but this one is way better than the one I would have done, just look at the detail, and it's stitched on BOTH sides!!!

Annie also added this beautiful stickers, I love fairies!

Enough for today, right now I'm finishing my morning coffee, then will be off to get me some comfort stash... I didn't went out on a vacation, so I deserve a little pampering, this past month was rough on me. I'll post my stashy findings tomorrow, along with baby rainbow, who's coming along nicely!

Happy weekend!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Emma's angel pinkeep

This was for an EMS exchange AND helped me with my count down! This was such a pleasure to stitch!!!

This angel is from Cross Country Stitching magazine, and I found the perfect backing fabric for it! Just loved it!

And I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the mail, I posted it August 22nd and it reached England (well, my partner in the UK) today, that's 11 business days, pretty impressive...

Here you have a front and back pictures. Didn't used too many pins because when I wa sticking them, kinda liked the simple way it looked...

Isn't she lovely??? And couldn't hold a better saying, because we "stitchers are angels".

Happy stitching!!!