Monday, September 8, 2008

Christmas ornies for an exchange

Jenny got what I did for her on the K.I.S.S. exchange Angela organized. Big hugs Angela, this was way fun!

I'm kind of missing Christmas, so I stitched two ornies, both are freebies from my wXSw:

This one is Helga Mandl's Ops!

And this one is Barbara Ana's Moose be Christmas:

I used the same backing fabric for both of them, a red velveteen I "inherited" from
Maria Amelia (a huge thanks!)

And yesterday I got a lovely surprise on the mail. Will be posting a picture later, my camera's flash still doesn't work.


Annie said...

Those are two of my favorite designs. I'm sure Jenny will be very happy with them. Velveteen adds a nice 'richness' to ornaments. Good idea.

Dawn B. said...

Both are very nice. Gonna have to add them to my stash. Thanks

Mylene said...

Your x'mas ornaments are soooo cute!! Well done!!!

Barbara said...

Love your ornaments. These are 2 of my favorite designers also.
Barb in TX