Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Surprise from The Netherlands

Margot, from EMS board, was my partner on the "Initial scissors fob exchange". I went to mail something yesterday and the girl told me I had something to pick up, I was unaware of what could it be, since I'm expecting so many packages.

When I opened the envelope there was a bubble wrap and the first thing I saw was the card, with my initial, in Ellen's garden alphabet (a sunflower, I wanted to stitch it for me!!!). Then started thinking:- what exchange is this one? Can't remember, maybe one from a long time ago...

Then I realized there was something else inside, opened the wrap and saw the tiny scissors fob with all my initials, that's when I got it! lol You can't blame me, The card is so perfectly stitched and beautiful that's a present itself.

Then were the other items she sent: a beautiful, sheer rainbow ribbon (one of my greatest treasures now!), beads in assorted sizes and colors, and a star pencil with a star charm (you know I'm also getting back to school, even if it's to work! lol).

Imagine my happiness!!! In order to be able to stitch all my four initials she picked a finishing that could hold them all: a zigouigoui!!! I attached the fob to my smallest hardanger scissors immediately, here's a picture of the top side with the beady cord, and she used a keyring for attaching, thought is was very clever because is easier to attach and also more durable.

Is it me or I'm so lucky when it comes to exchanges???

Happy stitching!


Annie said...

What a great exchange package. Margot did a beautiful job.

Tammy said...

Oh yeah, you are lucky in the exchange department! Thx for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Barbara said...

You certainly are lucky in your exchanges. I can see why you're so excited. Wonderful package you received. Also, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it.
Barb in TX