Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New friend

I always say God has blessed me with many things, and He always find His way to give me what I want or what I need. Of course, He's been generous giving me friends not only around, but also from so many places. Like my dear friends in the USA Sandy O., Janice, Terri, Diane, Sharon; the ones in England: Linda, Val; in Malaysia: Sue, in Canada Bea, Birthe; in Spain, Maite; in Denmark, Outi; in Greece, Michelle... And so many others that have become part of my world.

Siempre he dicho que Dios me ha bendecido con muchas cosas, y Él siempre encuentra la manera de complacerme con lo que quiero o necesito. Claro, Él ha sido generoso dándome amigos no solo a mi alrededor, sino de muchos otros lugares. Como mis queridas amigas de Estados Unidos Sandy O., Janice, Terri, Diane, Sharon; las de Inglaterra: Linda, Val; en Malaysia: Sue, en Canadá Bea, Birthe; en España, Maite, Najma; en Dinamarca, Outi; en Grecia, Michelle... y muchas otras que han pasado a formar parte de mi mundo.

Now I've met a lovely lady who happens to live in my own country, in Cabimas. Her name is Magalys, she was my partner on the exchange from Najma's blog (on my blogroll), and there's an anecdote on the way we met. She wanted me to get the present right away, so she sent it through MRW, but they returned the envelope saying my address was not found, which is totally weird considering the landmarks I gave out as reference points. Anyway, Najma emailed me, but I had no internet, then Friday she told me I had to go pick up the package but I went and they said it has been returned, and after two days of calling and going, finally I got my package yesterday! On the meantime I was in touch (via phone) with Magalys, and we got to know each other a little bit better. Look what she sent me:

Ahora conocí una adorable dama que vive en mi propio país, en Cabimas. Su nombre es Magalys, ella fue mi pareja de intercambio del blog de Najma (en mi lista de blogs), y hay una anécdota de la forma como nos conocimos. Ella quería que recibiera mi regalo de inmediato, por lo que lo envió por MRW, pero ellos devolvieron el sobre diciendo que mi dirección no fue encontrada, lo cual es totalmente extraño considerando los puntos de referencia que dí. De cualquier modo, Najma me escribió por email, pero yop no tenía internet, entonces el viernes ella me dijo que tenía que ir a retirar el paquete y al ir me informaron que había sido devuelto, y después de dos días de ir y llamar, ¡finalmente obtuve mi paquete ayer! Mientras tanto me mantuve en contacto (vía telefónica) con Magalys, y así pudimos conocernos un poco más. Miren lo que me envió:

A beautiful postcard with a Chicha maya typical dance, believe it or not, the first one I get from Venezuela. Una linda postal con un baile típico Chicha Maya, créanlo o no, la primera que recibo de Venezuela.

A beautiful and delicate hardanger biscornu. Un lindo biscornu en hardanger:

It came in this lovely bag, look at the detail. Vino en esta adorable bolsa, miren el detalle:

My friend Magaly G. took me to pick up the package, and of course she wanted to peek the goodies, so I took off the bag (on the back side) and I was amazed on how perfectly stitched it was, then Magaly said:- awwwww!!! You haven't seen this! That's so beautiful! (Meaning the front side with the embroidery on it). And she touched and said:- Peek inside! There's more!

Mi amiga Magaly G. me llevó a retirar el paquete, y por supuesto ella quería curiosear los regalitos, aspi que saqué la bolsa (por el lado de atrás) y estaba asombrada de la perfección de la costura, entonces Magaly dijo: -ahhhhh!!! ¡No viste esto! ¡Es una belleza! (Señalando el lado del frente con el bordado),. Lo tocó y dijo:- ¡Mira adentro! ¡Hay más!

Beside the fact that has a lovely pink scottish squares fabric, it had these tiny wooden cows and the threads.

Aparte de la hermosa tela escocesa rosada, tenía dentro estas vaquitas de madera y los hilos.

And you know why else I said God is always pleasing me in the big and the small things? I was going to make me a bag to carry my current projects (stitching, crocheting or knitting), but I still have no sewing machine... So it came out handy! And it's so fancy!

Y ¿saben por qué más dije que Dios siempre me complace en lo grande y lo pequeño? Yo pensaba hacerme un bolsito para llevar mis proyectos en curso (bordado, crochet o tejido), pero aún no tengo mi máquina de coser... Así que ¡me vino de perlas! ¡Y es tan lindo!

Thank you Magalys for the time, effort and care you used in my present. God bless you!

Gracias Magalys por el tiempo, esfuerzo y cariño que le dedicaste a mi regalo. ¡Dios te bendiga!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucky me!

This is what I've got from friends, exchanges and contests.

Esto es lo que me ha llegado de amigas, intercambios y concursos.

From Sandy O (Gettysburg, USA). De Sandy O.

She knows how much I love to crochet, and how it is so relaxing for me, here's a closer look of what she sent. Ella sabe cuanto me gusta tejer en ganchillo, y cuan relajante es para mi. He aquí una mirada más cercana de su envío.

Remember how I said I love Winnie the Pooh? ¿Recuerdan que mencioné cuánto me gusta Winnie Pooh?

I have patterns to keep my hands busy for a while! ¡Tengo patrones para rato!

From Shelley (New York, USA), School Days contest at Sanmanville, these are tiny, so cute! De Shelley, concurso Días de escuela en Villa Sanman, son pequeñitas, ¡de lo más cuchi!

From Jules (Halifax, Canada), Fall exchange, at Sanmanville, she added a few things of what Fall means for her, the exchange was the ornament (I removed the glass so you could take a good look). De Jules, intercambio de Otoño, en Villa Sanman, ella envió algunas cosas de lo que el otoño significa para ella, el intercambio era el adorno (le quité el vidrio para que puduera verse bien).

From Bee (Bangkok, Thailand), EMS beaded sachet exchange. De Bee, intercambio de sachet con abalorios en EMS.

And tomorrow I will tell you an anecdote about a new friend I made, from my very own country, thanks to Najma.... Y mañana les contaré una anécdota de una nueva amiga que hice en mi propio país, gracias a Najma...

Happy week! ¡Feliz semana!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been off line for a while, but I'm back! I have so many things to show, and I have to announce, from now on my blog will be in English and Spanish, for all the new friends I've been making who would also like to read the posts. And I've found I have six followers!!! Thanks!

He estado fuera de línea por un tiempo. Pero ¡ya regresé! Tengo tantas cosas que mostrar y, debo anunciar, que de ahora en adelante mi blog será en inglés y en español, por todas las nuevas amistades que he estado haciendo y quienes también quisiera leer las entradas. Y ¡me encontré con que tengo seis seguidores! ¡Gracias!

The presents I made for past month exchanges have reached their destiny.

Los regalos de los intercambios que hice el mes pasado ya llegaron a su destino.

Ryan's beaded sachet. El sachet con abalorios de Ryan.

Corine's bluework zigouigoui. El zigouigoui en trabajo azul de Corine.

Rachael's tin. La lata de Rachael.

And, not for an exchange, Elisa's Christmas present (gave it in advance), Sanman originals, member's only pattern. Y, no para un intercambio, el regalo de Navidad de Elisa (se lo di por adelantado), patrón exclusivo para miembros de Sanman originals.

Tomorrow: what I got and what I will get. Mañana: lo que me llegó y lo que me llegará.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall exchange and something more

My partner at SMO board just told me she got my package for the Hallofall exchange. It was either Halloween or Fall, we chose Fall ornament.

Also we could send trick or treat. I sent her a trick and treat, three skeins of floss in autumny colors and beads, the trick part? The beads were all mixed up and she would have to sort the out... A little mischief!

I went to the PO to mail the floss for the pink floss train, and I got my pencil, also from San-Man at the pencil train:

I love Winnie the Pooh! Couldn't be a better selection. But he also came with some goodies...
Aqua thread (I was hoping to buy one soon), a fuchsia one and the cutest little Halloween stickers!

Thanks Elizabeth! It cheered me up!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some little progress

I'm stitching the San-Man Originals Square SAL, this pattern is only for the members at Sanmanville. Here a made a little progress. Skipped L.

Here's a close up of my jelly and keys. Wanted to stitch K with metallics, so I was putting it off until I could buy the thread, but then I got Roz' package, she sent some metallics, and here are my shiny keys!!!

Happy stitching!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Beautiful surprise!

I got a beautiful surprise by email today. Bea, a lovely lady from EMS board, who has been very nice and helpful with me when I've had stitching doubts (and that has been a lot of times! lol), and who once was my partner on the magnet exchange, stitched my Peace Angel and sent the picture. She finished it as an ornament, check out the star buttons at the top, just lovely! Of course, she's a skilled and talented stitcher!

Thank you Bea for stitching Peace Angel and sharing the picture!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Four Biscornus, a Stitchie Witchie and a little bit more.

This has been a hectic week, but I've been spoiled by some friends from overseas. Two packages came this week, mostly biscornu week, since I received two and my partners got two as well.

Check out what I got from Lady Periphaeria herself (well, we know I'm lucky when it comes to exchanges lol) She was my partner at EMS Design it yourself biscornu exchange, so along with the cutest burgundy biscornu she sent me a nice linen fabric, some thread (Dinky dyes and multicolor silk floss), and an exclusive design which hasn't been released yet, so I'll post the picture of the biscornu when I finish it (don't worry, won't have to wait too long!). Thank you Outi!!!

This is what she did for me, also it's her picture, thanks!

This is what I sent on the same exchange. One to Theresa, Flowers and butterflies biscornu. Stitched on 14ct white aida and some of my favorite color combinations, the butterflies are stitched in Anchor rainbow. Buttons? Jesse James!!!

This one was for Sandrine, I call it Cheerful biscornu. Stitched on the blue linen I got from Janet (SMO), she sent it so I could practice my drawn thread, there's a few drawn thread stitches, and I learned a valuable lesson, wash the fabric before stitching it, makes it easier to pull the threads.
The floss is a crochet number 10 multicolor (brazilian).

Then came the package (same day as Outi's) from Roz in Florida. for the bbinteractive biscornu swap. She chose to stitch (as I did for her's lol) a Barbara Ana's design, Autumn biscornu. Will you believe if I tell you is her first? No one here did! It's perfectly stitched, she added beadwork on the edges and two cute buttons.

And there were goodies too! I never get tired of saying the Lord has mysterious ways, I wanted to complete my metallics, the first two (red and green) were sent to me past year by Kim (from EMS), I wanted to buy gold, silver and pink, for now... See what I got? Oh yeah! Those three plus three in blue! That's fantastic!!! I will use one of the blue for the snowtree poem SAL. She also sent three variegated, two Lizzie Kate Charts (I love her designs!) and a collector's needle card. Thanks Roz!!!

Those were the four biscornus, now the Stitchie Witchie... Brooke Nolan designed this whimsical cute Halloween chart for her bbinteractive group. I fell in love with it right away! Stitched her for Emma, for the EMS Halloween Ornament Exchange, same Emma that got my angel pinkeep (funny). I added a few personalizations such as: mistakes (just one.. or two), changed the broom thread for raffia and added a few of my Halloween buttons. The witchie dress' buttons are Mill Hills seed beads, the color is similar to pearls (she's fancy and elegant for sure!). It was stitched on my very own hand dyed fabric (that color was one of my favorites) and finished using a black foamy backing.

Well, this was a long post, just wanted to share it with you all, and this happened (they received and I did) pretty much at the same time!

Have a happy stitching weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breast cancer awareness month

This is the month for breast cancer awareness. I have family risk, my mom is a breast cancer survivor of nearly 15 years, she lost an aunt to this disease. The only way to survive it is by preventing it, so girls (and boys!!!) do your self exams monthly, and do your mammograms when your doctor prescribes them (normally it would be at 40).

Kim of Stitch pink is hosting a contest, also Barbara has one on her blog. And if you visit Brooke, she has a lovely complementary design.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peace angel on POL

I'm so excited! My Peace Angel was chosen to be October's free pattern on Patterns on line. Get there and grab your copy!