Thursday, October 2, 2008

Breast cancer awareness month

This is the month for breast cancer awareness. I have family risk, my mom is a breast cancer survivor of nearly 15 years, she lost an aunt to this disease. The only way to survive it is by preventing it, so girls (and boys!!!) do your self exams monthly, and do your mammograms when your doctor prescribes them (normally it would be at 40).

Kim of Stitch pink is hosting a contest, also Barbara has one on her blog. And if you visit Brooke, she has a lovely complementary design.


yoyo said...

Thanks for reminding everybody and helping to keep the fight alive. Love your Pink for October, looks great.


Lady Periphaeria said...

Sandra, I have to disappoint you: the design I sent has been published (last year), but the biscornu I stitched for you hasn't been published yet. :)

Regardless, I am glad to know that you enjoyed the goodies. :)

Sandra said...

Oh my! Well, I misunderstood, but still the design is gorgeous and I'll stitch it soon (already have the fabric!).

The one you sent has raised many praises :)