Friday, October 3, 2008

Four Biscornus, a Stitchie Witchie and a little bit more.

This has been a hectic week, but I've been spoiled by some friends from overseas. Two packages came this week, mostly biscornu week, since I received two and my partners got two as well.

Check out what I got from Lady Periphaeria herself (well, we know I'm lucky when it comes to exchanges lol) She was my partner at EMS Design it yourself biscornu exchange, so along with the cutest burgundy biscornu she sent me a nice linen fabric, some thread (Dinky dyes and multicolor silk floss), and an exclusive design which hasn't been released yet, so I'll post the picture of the biscornu when I finish it (don't worry, won't have to wait too long!). Thank you Outi!!!

This is what she did for me, also it's her picture, thanks!

This is what I sent on the same exchange. One to Theresa, Flowers and butterflies biscornu. Stitched on 14ct white aida and some of my favorite color combinations, the butterflies are stitched in Anchor rainbow. Buttons? Jesse James!!!

This one was for Sandrine, I call it Cheerful biscornu. Stitched on the blue linen I got from Janet (SMO), she sent it so I could practice my drawn thread, there's a few drawn thread stitches, and I learned a valuable lesson, wash the fabric before stitching it, makes it easier to pull the threads.
The floss is a crochet number 10 multicolor (brazilian).

Then came the package (same day as Outi's) from Roz in Florida. for the bbinteractive biscornu swap. She chose to stitch (as I did for her's lol) a Barbara Ana's design, Autumn biscornu. Will you believe if I tell you is her first? No one here did! It's perfectly stitched, she added beadwork on the edges and two cute buttons.

And there were goodies too! I never get tired of saying the Lord has mysterious ways, I wanted to complete my metallics, the first two (red and green) were sent to me past year by Kim (from EMS), I wanted to buy gold, silver and pink, for now... See what I got? Oh yeah! Those three plus three in blue! That's fantastic!!! I will use one of the blue for the snowtree poem SAL. She also sent three variegated, two Lizzie Kate Charts (I love her designs!) and a collector's needle card. Thanks Roz!!!

Those were the four biscornus, now the Stitchie Witchie... Brooke Nolan designed this whimsical cute Halloween chart for her bbinteractive group. I fell in love with it right away! Stitched her for Emma, for the EMS Halloween Ornament Exchange, same Emma that got my angel pinkeep (funny). I added a few personalizations such as: mistakes (just one.. or two), changed the broom thread for raffia and added a few of my Halloween buttons. The witchie dress' buttons are Mill Hills seed beads, the color is similar to pearls (she's fancy and elegant for sure!). It was stitched on my very own hand dyed fabric (that color was one of my favorites) and finished using a black foamy backing.

Well, this was a long post, just wanted to share it with you all, and this happened (they received and I did) pretty much at the same time!

Have a happy stitching weekend!


Pike said...

Evrything you have received and sent is so wonderful! My Stitchie Witchie hasn't been finished yet...

sue said...

Awww.. they are awesome! .. oh ya! .. happy birthday sandra!

Annie said...

Wonderful pieces, both sent and received. Your Stitchie Witchie turned out great.

Best of birthdays!

Mylene said...

WOW! All biscornu's looks great. and Stitchie Witchie is soo cute!!

AngelSan said...

Your witchie is great, I should have used a blue fabric like yours for mine !!!