Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucky me!

This is what I've got from friends, exchanges and contests.

Esto es lo que me ha llegado de amigas, intercambios y concursos.

From Sandy O (Gettysburg, USA). De Sandy O.

She knows how much I love to crochet, and how it is so relaxing for me, here's a closer look of what she sent. Ella sabe cuanto me gusta tejer en ganchillo, y cuan relajante es para mi. He aquí una mirada más cercana de su envío.

Remember how I said I love Winnie the Pooh? ¿Recuerdan que mencioné cuánto me gusta Winnie Pooh?

I have patterns to keep my hands busy for a while! ¡Tengo patrones para rato!

From Shelley (New York, USA), School Days contest at Sanmanville, these are tiny, so cute! De Shelley, concurso Días de escuela en Villa Sanman, son pequeñitas, ¡de lo más cuchi!

From Jules (Halifax, Canada), Fall exchange, at Sanmanville, she added a few things of what Fall means for her, the exchange was the ornament (I removed the glass so you could take a good look). De Jules, intercambio de Otoño, en Villa Sanman, ella envió algunas cosas de lo que el otoño significa para ella, el intercambio era el adorno (le quité el vidrio para que puduera verse bien).

From Bee (Bangkok, Thailand), EMS beaded sachet exchange. De Bee, intercambio de sachet con abalorios en EMS.

And tomorrow I will tell you an anecdote about a new friend I made, from my very own country, thanks to Najma.... Y mañana les contaré una anécdota de una nueva amiga que hice en mi propio país, gracias a Najma...

Happy week! ¡Feliz semana!


Cameo said...

I posted a response on my blog -- and then thought -- you're not going to go back to read it -- what a diz I am!! LOL so I am posting it here as well!!

thanks Sandra -- I don't normally like snails -- but that one is just a cutie!! Good Luck with your angel assembly!! I cannot imagine taking on such a big project like that -- You've definetly earned the crazy stitching crown!! LOL


Annie said...

What a haul! Happy Crocheting...

najma said...

que de regalitos
tienes que estar muy contenta
un besin corazón
cuidate mucho

sue said...

Auw! those are precious! I feel so happy for you (and jealous too! LOL) ... it's my package that don't reach you yet .. hehe