Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Michelle's ornie

I participated at bbinteractive ornament swap. Sent to Michelle on Greece, I chose for her "Tall Santa" by Kathy Griffits (Dimensions booklet), of course, as everything else I do, it's not mistake free, but I like how it turned out.

Participé en el intercambio de adorno navideño en bbinteractive. Le mandé a Michelle en Grecia, escogí "Santa Alto" de Kathy Griffits (folleto de Dimensions), claro, como todo lo que hago, no está libre de errores, pero me gusta como quedó.

I know she liked it too, I hope everything settles down soon around here so I can mail her the card and the little chocolate that were left behind on my dinning table hee hee hee Sorry for that Michelle.

Sé que a Michelle también le gustó, espero que pronto se normalice la situación por acá para poder enviarle la tarjeta y el chocolatito que se quedaron en mi mesa je je je Disculpa eso Michelle.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I sent a scrapbook notebook on an exchange. This one went to Mexico, along with a few presents... Hope my partner liked what I chose for her. I'm posting the pictures because I was told at the PO that it was successfully delivered...

Envié una libreta alterada en un intercambio. Esta fue a México, junto con unos regalitos... Espero que a mi compañera le haya gustado lo que escogí para ella. Estoy publicando las fotos porque en el correo me informaron que el paquete fue entregado exitosamente al destinatario...

Here's the detail of the decoration. Some of the pages were punched and embossed with flowers and butterflies.

He aquí un detalle del adorno. Algunas de las páginas fueron perforadas y repujadas con flores y mariposas.

And this is the present, all Christmas stash!

Y este es el regalito, ¡materiales navideños!

Happy stitching!!!

¡Feliz costura!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas tree

Yesterday I finally managed to put up the tree. Still need to work on the rest of the decor, but I'll do it when I have the time...

Ayer por fin pude poner el árbol de Navidad. Aún tengo que sacar el resto de la decoración, pero lo haré en lo que tenga tiempo...

Camila came and helped me out. I spent hours shinning the floor, and she was dancing all over LOL Children are so spontaneous!

Camila me ayudó. Pasé horas puliendo el piso, y ella estaba bailando por todas partes je je ¡Los niños son tan espontáneos!

Caterin was very pleased with the tree when she showed up to pick up Cami.

Caterin quedó muy complacida con el árbol cuando vino a recoger a Cami.

And couldn't help to display my new Nativity set...

Y no pude resistir el colocar mi nuevo Nacimiento...

Isn't it the cutest???

¿No es de lo más cuchi?

Monday, November 17, 2008

A new finish and a new tag!

I've finished a new tin, this one will be flying away to a friend (won't tell her name until she gets it!). Instead of cross stitch it's embroidered with chain stitch, back stitch, running stitch, lazy daisies, blanket stitch and French knots... Hope she likes it! I didn't covered the inside because thought she might want to use it to keep cookies, candies or chocolates in it.

As you can see, I made a major mistake, I wanted the French knots to be secured, so instead of cutting the thread I left the cord, by the time I noticed it was too late... Well, I will have to quote those tags on the Indian shirts: the imperfections on the piece are guarantee that it is all hand made and only enhances the beauty of it lol I'm sure my friend will let me go away with it.

Here's the bottom and sides, just love that fabric, I'm determined to make something with it for me to keep, everything I've done with it it's been for friends.

And I tossed a few goodies in it, my grandma use to say containers can't be given empty, because that brings misery... Well, not sure if that's true but just in case, I hope it brings progress for both the receiver and the giver!

This is the first piece with my brand new signature, it's the one I've been using for painted pieces and finally got to translate it to fabric. It has all my initials: SMFC.

Now, Clara from Paints With Thread, yep, a twin blog !-) has tagged me to post six random things about me, I did this before, but can't resist to share again, this time all stitching wise:

  1. Blue is my favorite color, then green, but strong ones. I'm not much into pastels, though I have to admit some are cute (specially when there's more than one, I mean when they're combined). Also love neutral tones like antique white, khaki, beige...
  2. I LOVE linen, but here can only be found on 40 ct... Anyway I don't give my hopes up and hunt for it at every store that crosses my path.
  3. My favorite aida is 14 ct antique white, which can't be found here either, so the little scraps I have I try to economize the best I can, sometimes I just leave too little edging! lol
  4. I love to stitch with variegated and multicolor threads. I'm too distracted and sometimes with so much color change I tend to get lost and make mistakes. I thought it was my sight but my eye doctor told me: "Honey, your eye is perfect, so it's your sight... There are no glasses for distraction, that's what you have" LOL So the variegated and multicolor threads give a nice effect and there's little room for mistakes.
  5. My favorite finish so far it's tins: they're cute, long lasting and useful. But I'm trying the floss tags and ID keepers with my new tools and the eyelets Bea sent me, I guess I'll be stuck on that too...
  6. Ever since I'm stitching on regular basis I'm more calmed, it has had such a positive effect on me... Now I carry my stitching bag everywhere (either cross stitch or crochet), it helps me relax and I don't mind waiting anymore.

Thanks Clara! This was fun. Now I'm tagging everyone who wants to share six random stitching things about themselves... Sorry I bended the rules a little, if you do, let me know so I can learn a little more bout you!

Happy week with lots of stitching!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Ornie for my tree

I received my ornament from bb interactive's swap. I was paired up with Michelle, and she stitched a Lizzie Kate ornament for me, it's adorable!!! Look at what she sent, I think the tiny card is sooo cool! The nicest thing is that now I also have a friend in Greece! I should get me a map and flag every place I have stitcher friends.

Thank God she took better pictures!

And it has my name on it!!!

She also sent me some handmade fimo buttons, she made them herself.

Also got a TW chart from a contest at SMO board, from Petra in Canada. I will start stitching it ASAP, so it¿ll be ready for mom's birthday in April.

And that leads me to another April, she chose lovely shades for my pink floss, also from SMO, the picture isn't good, they're pink, and a color variations that's lovely for hearts!!!

Thank you girls!!! You three put a big smile on my face! That day I was told I'm facing hearing loss, it's mild now, but I'll be needing further testing to know what's wrong and if it can be fixed...

Friday, November 14, 2008


Ellen tagged me to share 6 random things about me.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Here I go:

  1. I love Christmas!!!
  2. I prefer to wear sandals no matter what...
  3. The first thing I do when I get home from work is check my emails.
  4. I have ups and downs between top organized and complete mess (when it come to house maintenance), thank God I always have short messy times LOL
  5. I tend to get carried away easily when it comes to commitments (work, friends, you name it), as my mom says: Either you do it right or don't do it at all.
  6. I always collect edible goodies to spent Christmas day watching TV and eating them! Chocolate, cookies, candy canes... And I don't cook that day, just warm up leftovers on the microwave...
Now I'll tag: Angel San, Cameo, Sharon, Estela, Ranae and Angela. Feel free to follow or not, I understand how it is this time of the year...

Thanks Ellen! This was fun! Now off to clean and decorate the house for Christmas!!!

Ellen me etiquetó para compartir 6 cosas al azar sobre mi.
He aquí las reglas:

  1. Enlaza a la persona que te etiquetó.
  2. Publica las reglas en tu blog.
  3. Escribe seis cosas al azar sobre ti.
  4. Etiqueta a seis personas al final de tu entrada.
  5. Hazles saber que las etiquetaste dejándoles un comentario en su blog.
  6. Avísale a quien te etiquetó que tu entrada está publicada.
Aquí voy:
  1. Amo la Navidad.
  2. Prefiero usar sandalias a pesar de todo.
  3. Lo primero que hago al llegar a casa del trabajo es revisar los emails.
  4. tengo altas y bajas entre períodos de máxima organización y completo desastre, en lo que al mantenimiento de la casa se refiere, gracias a Dios, los últimos duran poco tiempo.
  5. Tiendo a apasionarme por las cosas que hago (trabajo, amigos, tú dime), como dice mi mamá: O lo haces bien o no lo haces.
  6. Colecciono golosinas para pasar el día de Navidad viendo TV y ¡comiéndolas! Chocolate, galletas, bastones de Navidad... Y no cocino ese día, solo caliento las sobras del día anterior en el microondas.

Ahora etiqueto a: Angel San, Cameo, Sharon, Estela, Ranae y Angela. Siéntanse libres de hacerlo o no, yo comprendo com es esta época del año Feel free to follow or not...

!Gracias Ellen! ¡Fue divertida! Ahora me voy ¡a limpiar y decorar la casa para Navidad!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chiloe's milestone

Chiloe has reached her 600 post on her blog, and to celebrate it she's running a giveaway. Read about it here.

Congrats on your milestone Chiloe!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love snowflakes, I always prayed to God for snow, each November I started praying... Hail was the closest I got, my dad and uncle were so mad! Of course, for me the car's windshield was not as important as getting heavenly ice! Once I went to Mérida, there was snow, but I wasn't allowed to play with it, I was about three and I still remember...

Amo los copos de nieve, siempre recé para que nevara, cada noviembre comenzaba a hacerlo... Lo más cercano que obtve fue granizo, mi papá y mi tío se ponían ¡furiosos! Claro, para mi el parabrisas del carro ¡no era tam importante como el hielo celestial! Una vez fui a Mérida, había nieve, pero no me dejaron jugar con ella, yo tenía como tres años y aún lo recuerdo...

This is a San-Man Originals message board members only pattern. I'm using metallics. When it's done it'll be finished as a Christmas present for a special someone...

Este es un patrón exclusivo para miembros del foro de San-Man Originals. Estoy bordándolo con hilos metálicos. Cuando esté terminado será un regalo de Navidad para alguien especial...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Almost Christmas and something more...

It's almost Christmas, I'm far behind with the stitching, but I guess things will improve over the next few days. I'd been sick with a huge allergy, meds are working and I'm feeling better, but that has slow me down... I'm trying to catch up with the cleaning so I can decorate the house (got me 3 sets of 200 rice lights each for the tree and a beautiful Nativity set). Speaking of which, I received a lot of things over the mail, feeling christmassy and all bought a first ornie for my tree (I mean this year's first), a ball filled with chocolate...
Ya casi es Navidad, estoy atrasada con el bordado, pero me imagino que las coasas irán mejorando con el pasar de los días. He estado enferma con una gran crisis alérgica, los medicamentos están funcionando, pero me hacen lenta... He tratado de ponerme al día con la limpieza para poder decorar la casa (me compré 3 juegos de 200 luces arroz cada uno y un hermoso Nacimiento). Hablando de esto, he recibido muchas cosas por correo, y sientiendome navideña y todo me compré el primer adorno para mi árbol ( el primero del año, quiero decir), una pelota llena de chocolates....

Then two other ornies for my tree came: an Angel from Bea and a zigouigoui from Emma.

Luego llegaron dos adornos para mi árbol: un ángel de Bea y un zigouigoui de Emma.

The ziggy was from an EMS exchange, bluework zigouigoui, but my guess is that a stitcher's tree should have stitched ornies...

El ziggy era del intercambio de ziguigoui en bluework, pero pienso que un árbol de una bordadora debe tener adornos bordados...

And this one is luxurious, don't you think?

Y este es lujoso, ¿no creen?

In Bea's package there were lots of goodies, as you can see, embellishments, charms, beads, buttons, eyelets: tiny feet, hands, flowers and stars... so cute!!!

En el paquete de Bea había muchas cositas, como verán, adornos, dijes, abalorios, bottones, ojetes : piecitos, manitas, florecitas y estrelllitas... ¡Tan cuchis!

There was another angel made in plastic canvas, which has a magnet and I placed on the stitching room door frame, seems like she is flying in.

Había otro ángel hecho en plastic canvas, el vcual tiene un imán y lo coloqué en el marco de la puerta del cuarto de costura, parece que estuviese entrando.

Also received my Halloween ornament (from Cintia at EMS, my first Brazilian gift), she dyed the fabric herself, it's a rich violet. I love scarecrows and this one is so pretty! It's hanged with the Fall ornie I got from Jules (SMO board).

También recibí mi adorno de Halloween (de Cintia, en EMS, mi primer regalo brazileño), ella misma tiñó la tela, es un violeta muy vivo. Amo los espantapájaros y este ¡es tan lindo! Está colgado junto al adorno que Jules me envió (del foro SMO).

From the school days I received my post it stickies from Wendy, they're very feminine, look at the colors and the flowers!

De los días de escuela recibí mis banderitas post it de Wendy, son muy femeninas, ¡miren el color y las flores!

From Sara, at EMS altoid tin eschange, I received this beauty:

De Sara, en el intercambio de lata altoid en EMS, recibí esta belleza:

She included a package of size 28 needles (my favorite to work with) and some lovely postcards...

Ella incluyó un paquete de agujas n° 28 (mis favoritas) y algunas hermosas postales...

But that's not all, I've been into knitting these days, along with the garther stitch scarf (wich is not done yet) I have done two more, these in one by one rib, with the yarn I bought on line. I made twin scarfs, one for me the other one for my comadre Elisa, mine is the lighter one.

Pero eso no es todo, he estado enfiebrada con el tejido estos días, junto a la bufanda en punto musgo (que aún no termino) he hecho dos más, estas en punto elástico sobre uno, con la lana que compré en línea. Hice bufandas morochas, una para mí y otra para mi comadre Elisa, la mía es la más clara.

Look at Elisa's wearing hers, big smile on her face:

Miren a Elisa luciendo la suya, con una gran sonrisa en el rostro:

And last, but not least, Child Jesus came early this year, look what he brought:

Y por último, pero no menos inportante, el Niño Jesús llegó temprano a mi casa este año, miren lo que me trajo:

Now I have a real oven, this year I'll bake my traditional world's famous cookies faster, and for Christmas I will have a turkey!

Ahora tengo un horno de verdad, este año voy a hornear mis galletas mundialmente famosas más rápido, ¡y para Navidad voy a comer pavo!

I can only finish by saying thanks to everyone involved: God, for giving me the pleasure of having friends and also for my job, which made possible to get my new kitchen. To all the girls: Bea, Cintia, Emma, Sara and Wendy a big thanks and a hug. And to Elisa, thank you for being more than a friend, a sister.

Solo puedo finalizar dándolelas gracias a todos los involucrados: Dios, por darme el placer de tener amigos y también por mi empleo, el cual hizo posible tener mi cocina nueva. A todas las chicas: Bea, Cintia, Emma, Sara y Wendy muchas gracias y un abrazo. A Elisa, gracias por ser más que una amiga, una hermana.