Monday, November 17, 2008

A new finish and a new tag!

I've finished a new tin, this one will be flying away to a friend (won't tell her name until she gets it!). Instead of cross stitch it's embroidered with chain stitch, back stitch, running stitch, lazy daisies, blanket stitch and French knots... Hope she likes it! I didn't covered the inside because thought she might want to use it to keep cookies, candies or chocolates in it.

As you can see, I made a major mistake, I wanted the French knots to be secured, so instead of cutting the thread I left the cord, by the time I noticed it was too late... Well, I will have to quote those tags on the Indian shirts: the imperfections on the piece are guarantee that it is all hand made and only enhances the beauty of it lol I'm sure my friend will let me go away with it.

Here's the bottom and sides, just love that fabric, I'm determined to make something with it for me to keep, everything I've done with it it's been for friends.

And I tossed a few goodies in it, my grandma use to say containers can't be given empty, because that brings misery... Well, not sure if that's true but just in case, I hope it brings progress for both the receiver and the giver!

This is the first piece with my brand new signature, it's the one I've been using for painted pieces and finally got to translate it to fabric. It has all my initials: SMFC.

Now, Clara from Paints With Thread, yep, a twin blog !-) has tagged me to post six random things about me, I did this before, but can't resist to share again, this time all stitching wise:

  1. Blue is my favorite color, then green, but strong ones. I'm not much into pastels, though I have to admit some are cute (specially when there's more than one, I mean when they're combined). Also love neutral tones like antique white, khaki, beige...
  2. I LOVE linen, but here can only be found on 40 ct... Anyway I don't give my hopes up and hunt for it at every store that crosses my path.
  3. My favorite aida is 14 ct antique white, which can't be found here either, so the little scraps I have I try to economize the best I can, sometimes I just leave too little edging! lol
  4. I love to stitch with variegated and multicolor threads. I'm too distracted and sometimes with so much color change I tend to get lost and make mistakes. I thought it was my sight but my eye doctor told me: "Honey, your eye is perfect, so it's your sight... There are no glasses for distraction, that's what you have" LOL So the variegated and multicolor threads give a nice effect and there's little room for mistakes.
  5. My favorite finish so far it's tins: they're cute, long lasting and useful. But I'm trying the floss tags and ID keepers with my new tools and the eyelets Bea sent me, I guess I'll be stuck on that too...
  6. Ever since I'm stitching on regular basis I'm more calmed, it has had such a positive effect on me... Now I carry my stitching bag everywhere (either cross stitch or crochet), it helps me relax and I don't mind waiting anymore.

Thanks Clara! This was fun. Now I'm tagging everyone who wants to share six random stitching things about themselves... Sorry I bended the rules a little, if you do, let me know so I can learn a little more bout you!

Happy week with lots of stitching!!!


Annie said...

I can't see any mistakes. That's a perfect tin in my opinion. But I think you may have to extend your ambitious angel project into the new year!

Sandra said...

Thanks! I'm kind of a perfectionist.

Well Annie, I was thinking about that but I'm working day and night to finish them all and mail them before December 31st, I'm like that lol At least I have all the pieces and the envelopes and cards are already done.

Mylene said...

Your tin looks great to me. I am sure your friend will love it.