Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I signed for two PIF's. The first one was at Joke's Stitching & Stuff, the other one at Elaine's Sharing my World, both excellent blogs from very talented stitcher's.

So, time has come for me to announce my PIFs. I love the concept behind it, a humble way to make the world a better place. Think it's OK if I announce both at the same time, since it's part of the same idea. Was going to announce one at a time, but guess it's better like this, so I can get organized...

Rules are that I will do a handmade gift for the first six people to leave a comment on this entry saying they want to be a part of it (I'll do three for each PIF joined, that's how it works) . They will be sent whithin the next 365 days after joining. In return, the same offering has to be done by the people who join, make three gifts to give as PIF's.

If you want to participate, please reply to this post. Make sure you leave a link to your blog so I can reach you, if you don't have one, contact me by email (it's on my profile).

Happy, peaceful, healthy, wise, loving and prosperous 2.009 with lots of good stitching hours!!! My gift for you: a small complimentary chart with two of my favorites symbols for peace joined in one, Peace symbol.

Note: It's also linked on the Complimentary charts box in the sidebar.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Angels and a surprise

Today went to the PO to mail some angels, 19 to be exact. That makes 40 sent, I got 10 short from my goal of 50 before December 31st. And there's still 13 people on the list, I will be sending those next January 12th, when I get back to work. For now I really need a pause to take care of the soon-to-be-organized handy room. A friend has offered me help, but she needs to do it before classes start again, so, sorry to the people who's angels will fly delayed...

I really thought that I could manage the 50 since I had a whole year, just a small detail: there were some things that came my way unexpectedly, like dad's stroke on July, I spent from July 27th until September 15th busy with his care. Again he had a crisis past 21st... Also got that job at the University, a contract until Dec. 31st, it meant too many hours working. I had only Sundays for me, exhausted, had to do the chores that day. I learned my lesson! No huge plans for next year lol I'll limit the number of exchanges and will only work on the two PIF's I joined (soon will be posting the sign up). That because I need time for me and my mentoring class has grown and also will be having one in my community.

Which leads me to the surprise... There was a package from Emma (recepient of the angel pinkeep and the stitchie witchie). She said I'll be getting some kits that comes on her magazines, but doesn't really use them, so she thought I could use it for my mentoring... Well, I got such a big surprise just to see how many there were!!! Kids will be in heaven when they see what we have to work on for the year! And they are so beautiful! Nothing like that can be found here, and they are wise enough to notice lol When I gave them the kits from Cristin (SMO) they showed them off and said to the person who was admiring their work that is was "good fabric", "touch, you can feel the difference". Well, seems my mentoring is working lol

On behalf of the kids, and mine too (I'm the one buying all the supplies), thank you Emma! God bless you and give you kindness with health, happiness and prosperity in retribution!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funky and luxurious

Lady Periphaeria herself was my partner on the 2008 Design It Yourself Biscornu exchange at EMS. She designed a little jewel for me, named it "Sandra's little sparkly" *ahem* then she sent me a copy of the design.

My hands were itchy to start a twin for the tiny biscornu, but as I was stitching it was thinking how cool it'll look as a carry case for my new ipod nano. I went along with the idea and the result is stunning!!!

At first I was sticking to the designer's suggestion and it was going to be grey and white, icy colors to make it look winterly. But then I got the fancy hand dyed exclusive fabrics from Sapphire Stitching and my mom got me a Gemmagic for Christmas, all of the sudden creativity's lightning bolt stroke on me....

No more chatting... Take a look:

Design: Lady Periphaeria
Fabric: Sapphire Stitching's 14 ct aida Hand dyed fabric, color 60's Flashback II
Threads: 1325 anchor multicolor thread, DMC pink metallic 5288
Embellishments: #20 pink rhinestones, and pink Swaroski stones (for the corners)
Inside: 40 ct blue linen, snap prong button

Itself it's perfect, but I have to warn you, if you're doing a carry case add plenty of border, otherwise the thingy won't fit in, like it happened to me!!! LOL

Thanks to the people who made this possible: Outi for the design, Joan for the fabric, mom for the gem magic and Roz for the metallic thread. I had the most relaxing day in months! ;o)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yes, Santa does exist!!!

Hi! I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! The title on the post is something I believe. God has many ways to reach out and touch us, this year beside the blessings of staying in touch with old friends I also made new ones.

From many parts of the world I've received presents, that was how God made his way to give me my Santa's present. And the most amazing thing is that He left one to reach me just today, on Christmas Eve.

From Malasya, Sue sent me a package filled with goodies:

What can be a better Santa than stash for a stitcher? Maybe chocolate, but there was also in the package lol

I must have been a good girl this year because I even got a new snowman for my collection. Made from Sue's very own hands! She famous for her amigurumis...

God bless you and grant you many blessings Sue! Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Unexpected mentoring

I have a few students that are hooked on crochet and cross stitch, but my biggest accomplishment on that area came from the University. I have an "adopted" student in my class, he's the BF of a girl from Early Education class. I invited him to join us and he has learned a few things about Special Education, even though he's not formally enrolled. Well, long story short I get earlier than my students and sit to cross stitch or crochet while they arrive. Hirbin (my adoptee) keeps me company on the meantime. His mom recently had a stroke, plus his dad passed away recently, so I suggested him to give her something to distract her mind, he asked about cross stitch, I gave him the list of the materials she would need and also a small DMC kit Cristin (from SMO board) kindly sent me for the mentoring class. (Thanks to Yasmin for the picture taken in class).

Tengo algunos estudiantes que están enganchados en punto de cruz y crochet, pero mi mayor logro en esa área vino de la Univerisdad. Tengo un estudiante "adoptado", él es el novio de una estudiante de Educación Inicial. Lo invité a unírsenos y él ha aprendido algunas cosas sobre Educación Especial, aunque no está inscrito formalmente. Bueno, para no hacer larga la historia, yo llego más temprano que mis estudiantes y y me siento a bordar o tejer mientras los espero. Hirbin (mi adoptado) me acompaña. Su mamá recientemente tuvo un ACV, además su papá falleció recientemente, así que le sugerí que le diera a su mamá algo para distraerse, me preguntó sobre el bordado, le di la lista de materiales y un pequeño kit DMC que Cristin amablemente me envió para las clases de bordado. (Gracias a Yasmin por la foto tomada en clase).

His mom did not accomplished the task, because she wanted to stitch a tomato, still confused by the stroke, the kit was too small for her. Since I asked him for the picture, so I could show it on my blog, he was worried that his mom didn't do it so he stitched it himself!!! He said he learned by watching me, at first I thought he was kidding but then I flip the piece over, and yep, it look like done buy a guy lol

Su mami no pudo realizar la tarea, porque ella quería bordar un tomate, aún confundida por el ACV, el kit era muy pequeño para ella. Como le pedí una foto, para poder mostrarla en mi blog, él estaba preocupado que su mamá no lo hizo así que ¡lo bordó él mismo! Dijo que había aprendido viéndome hacerlo, al principio pensé que estaba bromeando, lugo volteé la pieza y, sip, lucía como hecho por un hombre je je

I took it home and do the finishing, as a Christmas present for him and his mom (or girlfriend, I'm no sure who will get it lol)

Me lo traje a casa y lo terminé, como un regalo de Navidad para él y su mami (o novia, no estoy segura de quien lo recibirá je je)

Isn't it wonderful?

¿No es maravilloso?

The count is going down...

I'm happy that I've finally seen my angels countdown dropping. I went to the PO yesterday to mail six more but it was closed. I'll go right after I have my breakfast.

I'm adding a slide show of the angels as they go... I can't recall exactly who got which, but I do hope they bring joy, happiness and more important, peace to their new owners...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Christmas present

I'm in love with plants. I have a few on my terrace, yesterday I noticed that a small one that use to bloom with one flower at a time has six!!! I was so happy!!!

Amo las plantas. Tengo algunas en mi terraza. Ayer noté que una pequeña planta que suele dar una flor a la vez ¡tenía seis! ¡Estaba tan feliz!

And I also managed to finish Natalia's scarf this morning.

También logré terminar la bufanda de Natalia esta mañana.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Look what I got!

More friendly gifts! This time Joan surprised me with fabric and coffee!!! She sent me this without telling me, when I got to the PO to pick it up was clueless about what could it be. Then I saw her name on the envelope and start open it, the presents were wrapped, I felt like a child in Christmas lol

¡Más regalos amistosos! ¡Esta vez Joan me sorprendió con tela y café! Me envió todo esto sin avisarme, cuando llegué al correo a recogerlo no tenía ni idea de qué podría ser. Entonces vi su nombre en el sobre y comencé a abrislo, los regalos estaban envueltos, me sentí como una niña en Navidad je je

Fabrics were: ecru aida and a selection of her own dyed fabrics you can find at Sapphire Stitching.

La telas son: aida color hueso y una selección de sus propias telas teñidas a mano las cuales se pueden encontrar en Sapphire Stitching.
60's Night Fireworks

Autumn Splash

Frooty Pebbles and 60's Flashback II

They're wonderful! I can't hardly wait to use them.

¡Son maravillosas! Casi no puedo esperar a usarlas.

But that wasn't the only pleasant surprise that day. I also got my 2008 collection from Cross Country Stitching Magazine. They rock! Great customer service, excellent products. Very special people. Only problem is that I can't decide what to stitch first! lol All the designs are just lovely. BTW They resized their catalog and now comes in a half page size, I think it's a great choice, looks friendly and cute.

Pero esa no fue la única sorpresa de ese día. También obtuve mi colección 2008 de la revista Cross Country Stitching. ¡Son lo máximo! Gran servicio al consumidor, productos excelentes. Gente muy especial. ¡El único problema es que no puedo decidir que bordar primero! Je je je Todos los diseños son adorables. Por cierto, ajustaron el tamaño de su catálogo y ahora viene en media página, pienso que fue una excelente decisión, luce amigable y cuchi.

On the site Linda says: "We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us". Without a doubt a very enjoyable experience from a customer who lives overseas. Thank you!!!

En el sitio web Linda dice: "esperamos que disfrute su experiencia de compra con nosotros". Sin duda una experiencia que ha disfrutada por esta compradora que vive tan lejos. ¡Gracias!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New finishes

A dear friend is expecting a baby, I sent her a baby cap. It took me a while to decide which one would be a perfect pattern, then I came a cross this one.

Una querida amiga está esperando un bebé, le mandé una gorra. Me costó trabajo decidir cual sería el patrón perfecto, hasta que encontré este.

Also finished five crocheted snowflakes. I hope next year I can fulfill my dream of having a tree dressed only with lights and snowflakes...

También terminé cinco copos de nieve en crochet. Espero que el próximo año pueda cumplir mi sueño de vestir el árbol solo con luces y copos de nieve.

Happy week!!!

¡Feliz semana!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New gifts

I just noticed that the angels post was my 100th... And to start the next hundred posts I have a happy one.

I received two packages this week. One from an exchange, the other one a kind deed from a blogger friend.

From Bea I got a lovely beaded scissors keep. It's made from glass canes, all flowery. I used it for my fabric scissors, color matches perfectly!

She included a beautiful ornie for my tree.

Sharon sent me some rings in assorted colors, I wanted to make some floss tags but those rings can't be found here.

She included round eyelets in assorted colors and the tool needed to lay them. That comes very handy because I used a plier tool to attach one of the flower shaped eyelet Bea sent and I almost ruin it, a lot of strength is needed to use those, bet it'll be way easier with this new tool and it will be neater.

Thank you girls! God bless you with health, happiness and prosperity in retribution for your kindness!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Angels start flying...

Today I sent the first two angel of the request list, they were actually.. Let me think... Annie's was first:

Val's magnet angel was second, then Love angel went to Sasha, Tolerance angel to Jamie, Emma got an angel pinkeep, Liz a small stitched "hugs and kisses" angel:

Estefanía got the first itsy bitsy, Nince the second itsy bitsy (photograph not shown before):

There's the primitive angel tin (recepient name kept for surprise puposes). And today Terri's and Ann's went on the mail (I will hold the pictures until after they get it). That makes 11.

BTW her names were erased from the list, that's how I'm doing it (as for the list), angels are sent in order of request, each one sent will be erased, so my readers can keep track of the project.

Have a blessed weekend!