Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Angels and a surprise

Today went to the PO to mail some angels, 19 to be exact. That makes 40 sent, I got 10 short from my goal of 50 before December 31st. And there's still 13 people on the list, I will be sending those next January 12th, when I get back to work. For now I really need a pause to take care of the soon-to-be-organized handy room. A friend has offered me help, but she needs to do it before classes start again, so, sorry to the people who's angels will fly delayed...

I really thought that I could manage the 50 since I had a whole year, just a small detail: there were some things that came my way unexpectedly, like dad's stroke on July, I spent from July 27th until September 15th busy with his care. Again he had a crisis past 21st... Also got that job at the University, a contract until Dec. 31st, it meant too many hours working. I had only Sundays for me, exhausted, had to do the chores that day. I learned my lesson! No huge plans for next year lol I'll limit the number of exchanges and will only work on the two PIF's I joined (soon will be posting the sign up). That because I need time for me and my mentoring class has grown and also will be having one in my community.

Which leads me to the surprise... There was a package from Emma (recepient of the angel pinkeep and the stitchie witchie). She said I'll be getting some kits that comes on her magazines, but doesn't really use them, so she thought I could use it for my mentoring... Well, I got such a big surprise just to see how many there were!!! Kids will be in heaven when they see what we have to work on for the year! And they are so beautiful! Nothing like that can be found here, and they are wise enough to notice lol When I gave them the kits from Cristin (SMO) they showed them off and said to the person who was admiring their work that is was "good fabric", "touch, you can feel the difference". Well, seems my mentoring is working lol

On behalf of the kids, and mine too (I'm the one buying all the supplies), thank you Emma! God bless you and give you kindness with health, happiness and prosperity in retribution!

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Annie said...

40 angels is still a lot! And what wonderful angels are looking after you and your students!

Have a very happy new year and be sure to give yourself enough 'me' time.