Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funky and luxurious

Lady Periphaeria herself was my partner on the 2008 Design It Yourself Biscornu exchange at EMS. She designed a little jewel for me, named it "Sandra's little sparkly" *ahem* then she sent me a copy of the design.

My hands were itchy to start a twin for the tiny biscornu, but as I was stitching it was thinking how cool it'll look as a carry case for my new ipod nano. I went along with the idea and the result is stunning!!!

At first I was sticking to the designer's suggestion and it was going to be grey and white, icy colors to make it look winterly. But then I got the fancy hand dyed exclusive fabrics from Sapphire Stitching and my mom got me a Gemmagic for Christmas, all of the sudden creativity's lightning bolt stroke on me....

No more chatting... Take a look:

Design: Lady Periphaeria
Fabric: Sapphire Stitching's 14 ct aida Hand dyed fabric, color 60's Flashback II
Threads: 1325 anchor multicolor thread, DMC pink metallic 5288
Embellishments: #20 pink rhinestones, and pink Swaroski stones (for the corners)
Inside: 40 ct blue linen, snap prong button

Itself it's perfect, but I have to warn you, if you're doing a carry case add plenty of border, otherwise the thingy won't fit in, like it happened to me!!! LOL

Thanks to the people who made this possible: Outi for the design, Joan for the fabric, mom for the gem magic and Roz for the metallic thread. I had the most relaxing day in months! ;o)


Barbara said...

Beautifully done. I love it!!!
Barb in TX

Donna said...

Very Beautiful! Great job all around

Daffycat said...

Very pretty! Whoops, you will have to stitch yourself a larger one!

Clara said...

Very pretty!

Annie said...

Very cool. New tools are so much fun (espcially after you've worked out the kinks!)

Meari said...

That is awesome Sandra. Very pretty.