Saturday, December 6, 2008

New gifts

I just noticed that the angels post was my 100th... And to start the next hundred posts I have a happy one.

I received two packages this week. One from an exchange, the other one a kind deed from a blogger friend.

From Bea I got a lovely beaded scissors keep. It's made from glass canes, all flowery. I used it for my fabric scissors, color matches perfectly!

She included a beautiful ornie for my tree.

Sharon sent me some rings in assorted colors, I wanted to make some floss tags but those rings can't be found here.

She included round eyelets in assorted colors and the tool needed to lay them. That comes very handy because I used a plier tool to attach one of the flower shaped eyelet Bea sent and I almost ruin it, a lot of strength is needed to use those, bet it'll be way easier with this new tool and it will be neater.

Thank you girls! God bless you with health, happiness and prosperity in retribution for your kindness!!!


Daffycat said...

Hugs, Sandra! I hope you can make lots of tags now!

Annie said...

Have fun with your new toys. Can't wait to see the tags you'll be making now!