Friday, July 25, 2008

The week before last working week

Strange title! But that's how it is. This was the week before the last week of work, next Friday...Vacations!!!

I'd been very busy so my stitching has been slow, also have so many emails to check, my participation on the boards very rare. This week I could only knit a little, you know, carrying it all up and down, knitting on the bus, on lunch break, while I waited for my students (they are always about half an hour late).

On the process I learned something hugely important regarding to knitting: stockinette stitch isn't suitable for scarves, you will end up with a tube because it tends to roll over itself. See it for yourself:

Right side:

Wrong side:

I had to undo the job and start over again, this time using garter stitch, look the difference!

I'm planning to add flowers to it, not sure yet if crocheted or embroidered...

Well, enough for today, now I'll go to see what going on on my fellow stitchers blogs!

Happy weekend!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brillante 2008 Award

Thank you Annie for awarding me with:

It's a great honor since Annie is one of the most talented needle artist I know.

With the acceptance of this award, are some rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blog

So here are my 7 pics after pondering a lot, I think there is so much talent on the artists that keep their blogs and I love visiting every one of them, most listed on my side bar and some others that were linked before I changed the blog appearance and now I lost. Well, rules are rules, so here are my nominees, in no particular order:

  1. Sharon: Talented cross stitcher, designer, and ready to help whenever you need her. You can see her work, designs and some pictures of her life on It's Daffycat.
  2. Sarah: Her blog,, has a lot of finished cross stitched pieces along with her thoughts and some other aspects of her life. Very enjoyable!
  3. Najma: cross stitch, scrap booking, swaps, dolls... She posts in English and Spanish. Great place to visit if you're looking for different kind of crafting ideas... You can find her at Labores y Manualidades de Najma.
  4. Sue: I love all her yarn creations, amigurumis of all kinds and shapes, some cross stitch and also exotic food. Kind woman and great friend, she's at mindsoul.
  5. Susie: from Peru, her blog has the most delicate cross stitch finishes I've seen in a while. Funny that I used to admire her work posted at blog and some day I met her through SanManville, she's nice and kind as well as talented. See what I'm talking about in Sioxsiex's Weblog.
  6. Nela: She is also Venezuelan!!! See, we have beauty and talent! Her blog, Nela's Life Diary is in Spanish, but she has a lot of beautiful pictures, her cross stitch is combined with the most creative finishes, she also does other kind of embroidery.
  7. Focus on finishing: I don't know this bloggers personally (Anne and Karen are the managers), but my life has been saved thanks to its posts lol I think it's a huge reference for cross stitchers and needlepointers. Lots of useful and easy to follow tutorials with pictures.

Again, thanks Annie, I would nominate you right back if I could!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cool mail day!

Went to the Post office and got my Mary Engelbreit's "Alphabets with personality" book, box was opened, but thank God the book was plastic wrapped inside so it was in perfect conditions. (Photo comes from

Was waiting for it to make key rings to give away and also floss rings, since it matches this lovely fabric I had in my stash since about a year...

Also got a scissor's fob that came all the way from Australia, made by Sherryn, it's lovely! Haven't seen that color before.

Already attached it to my red fabric scissor.

And also got a lovely yarn from Xiomara, we call her "manita", which be something like "litl' sis", she bought it for her daughter but she didn't use it so she was carrying up and down and eneded up in my stash! lol I'll used it for something nice...

I was uplifted today!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy day

Today I checked upon Pat's Comfort dolls project blog, and read this, I was amazed! Before she went I prayed that she would arrive safe and sound as well as soon. Well an angel definitely was watching over. Thanks Pat for the nice comment on my doll, means a lot to me, it's my first doll (from many more to come, God willing!) and the first international charity project I joined.

And today also was born my first amigurumi, I think will be keeping him. I have to think of a name. At work people was asking why a purple bird, why the multicolored feathers... "Well, it's half chick half peacock" I said lol I saw the pattern linked on Sue's blog, of course some things had to be adapted, for starters I used a small hook for the yarn caliber, and instead of taking the whole stitched I did it on back loops only. By the time of assembly the tail and wings were too thick, so folding them was not an option, but I kind of like the round wings and tail.Reminds me of princess Leia's hairdo lol Well, here you have the peachick or chicock, whatever...


Hearty beak:

Wing and tail view:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brooke's summer pantry

I finished July challenge for bbinteractive, the new cross stitch group I joined. Brooke Nolan designed a lovely summer pantry, which is no wonder since all of her designs are gorgeous. The challenge was to personalize it.

Had so much fun doing it that I forgot to have lunch today lol Turned the stove off and said: "well, just finish the watermelon and then I'll eat (lunch)" and noticed I skipped it about at six, when I was pressing the piece lolol Well, don't blame me, just look at what kept me so concentrated:

My version was smyrna stitched, because for me it's a perfect stitch for country designs. My other personalizations: bee, ribbon flower, chocolate chip cookies (made with the clay leftovers from the cotillones, remember?), lace plus antique blue pearlescent tiny beads (the original was stitched), beads on the cherry pie (yummy!!!), heart button on the cup and my signature! I had to sign the masterpiece lol

I thought it would be a recipe book cover, but now that is done I will definitely frame it. It was a week work but totally worth it!!! Well, this week will be stitching Joan's SAL, something I have to do by day because chose black fabric to do it. Can't hardly wait to have my summer stitcher's tool set done, but will be looking for another backing fabric, really not happy with the one I found.

Happy stitching week!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tolerance angel pinkeep

This is my first pinkeep, I used the pattern for tolerance angel but changed a few colors to coordinate with the backing fabric, the one I like best is the main color of the angel dress, used DMC 1345 variations color.

I hope this is going to be used only for decorative purposes, because two of the pins can't be moved lol This is another angel that'll be flying away to....Jamie!!! And that makes 46 to go.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I don't know when I'll be teaching a group again... I had fun doing these for the children. In Venezuela we call them "cotillones" and they are given at a party (usually birthday) and at schools mostly in December, February-March (for "Carnaval"), at the end of the school year in July, some also give them as a welcome present.

Every year we dedicate a lot of hours in doing these, putting all our creativity, skills and love in them, our present for the children... Here are my 26 cotillones, they were a huge success among the children, despite the advice of some friends who told me that the pink hearts might seem a bit "girly" (I had 7 girls and 19 boys in the class), but none of them said anything about it, they had a lot of fun choosing the one that "looks like them" lol

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mail day

Today I received two things on the mail:

My first Cross country stitching magazine, from the subscription I mean. It's June issue, there are a couple of designs that I want, have, to stitch. Fell in love with the country sampler, just lovely! Of course I keep wondering if they sent one before that issue, I'm worried because there is a new mailman, the chief of the PO told me so and he had to give the new employee explicit directions to my house. There are two houses with the same number in my neighborhood, it happens in Latin America lol I keep puzzling if that was the first they sent.

A card from Melissa, it was what she did for me on the EMS challenge "Ellen's designs". Beautifully stitched, there's "Friendship wreath" in a scrapbook card she did. Too bad my camera is not working properly lately, you should see this beauty in person, I mean... card?

What strike me as a huge coincidence is that she wrote one of the poems I like best from Tolba Phanem (it's an extract to be exact) . It talks about a tribe in Africa where villagers get together when a baby is born and somehow they get the newborns song and sing it to him or her in the good and bad times, specially when they go through times of sadness and confusion, so they won't get lost... I am really touched! And as I believe there is no such thing as a coincidence, well, this couldn't have gotten here an a better moment. Thanks Melissa!!!

And... Don't you think the colors fit perfectly on my blog??? Another happy coincidence! BTW I tried to look for it on the web, but just found it in Spanish

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Redwork pendibulle

My partner, Linda, got the redwork pendibulle I made for her. I used a pattern from the 1600 hundreds, featured at my favorite blackwork page. Here are a few pictures of it, some are awfully fuzzy, but didn't realize it until now...

The embroidery:



And I learned that it's important to be aware of the design and the shape of the finished piece; as you can see the design it's lovely, but when I assambled the pendibulle, part of it was "lost", I shoul've arrange it in a different position onto the fabric... Any way I like it lol