Thursday, January 22, 2009

Aussie and Pink

Here are two things I got on the mail, one is my secret pal exchange that came all the way from down under, wrapped in a festive bag with stars and gold, filled with goodies and something I find pretty exotic, Australian floss! My first, will have to think of a perfect design to use them.

Melanie from EMS did a great job putting together all my stash, Sara, one of my special education class colleagues (and a dear friend) already chose the designs I'll be stitching from the book Melanie sent! lol We had so much fun playing with the stash at work! Shhh! Don't tell anyone! Oops! Forgot my boss reads my blog... Well she had a great time looking at it too ROTFL It was nice to take it to work, so many people had got the stitching bug from me, and they enjoy when I get presents from overseas.

Also I was tickled pink! Sandy, from Sanman board, sent me a pretty pink package. We were playing PINK, to celebrate breast cancer awareness month (in October, but Sandy and I traded a little after it). And she chose for me some luscious Sanman hand dyed threads in pink variations, buttons in different sizes and shapes, adorable stickers perfect for my Valentine's cards and the cutest pink frosted beads. Awww! It all came in a pink sheer bag.

I just had to display it! Doesn't it look perfect?

Oh yes, I also received a present from a student, Carmen gave me this lovely orchids, we call them "orquídea zapatico" (little shoe orchid), but it's scientific name is Paphiopedilum insigne. She said it was all bloomed, but waited too long to give it to me lol They are strong and bloom several times, so I know they will bright up my terrace several times a year. Like the tiny green orchis I'm still waiting to see them bloom, they already have two sticks, each one holds several tiny orchids...

Thank you girls! You lifted up my mood, was a little down.

BTW: I have to apologize that I haven't been able to finish and send the rest of the angels. Will do it ASAP, I'll explain to you on my emails when I send the angels. On an up note, most of them had already reached destination, I'm happy for it.


Mylene said...

Those exchanges received looks wonderful, Enjoy!!

as well the present you got from your student.

Annie said...

Oooh.. Lots of fun stuff to play with.

I love orchids. Remember Brenda Starr and the black orchid man, Basil St. John? Hope they aren't too hard to take care of.

Daffycat said...

Lovely mail you're receiving! Mail always gives me a thrill...unless it's bills, of course!

Thanks again for the lovely angel pinkeep! I have her on my noteboard over my stitching desk so I can admire her every day.