Thursday, January 8, 2009

The first three reached destination.

I'm happy, I was informed that three of the angels had reached destination, Maru, Terri and Yvonne got theirs, that means all the other will be arriving soon.

I'm finishing the thirteen left to be sent. Also started a new project on crocheting, a tuck away bag, which I always wanted to do. This one will be for my comadre Katiuska. I will use one of the handmade clay buttons Michelle sent me with the ornie.

And I will end this small post bragging about my green thumb. I had these on the gutters, all bloomed. Of course I rescued them while cleaning those and now they are displayed on my terrace. The other orchids are about to bloom, those are green. Will show a picture then.

Oh and I almost forgot to thank you for answering the poll. I really wasn't sure that translating the posts was such a good idea, think it made them harder to read, so I decided to drop the spanglish thing.

Remember I still have five places for the PIF. Happy stitching!!!


Annie said...

Hope all those peace angels can work their magic on an unpeaceful world!

The bag will make a nice gift.
And I love your pretty flowers. Are those orchids? Not a variety I'm familiar with.

Ranae said...

Sandra, I haven't received my angel yet, but will let you know when I do. I can't wait!!!!
The bag is going to be pretty, I crochet, but nothing like that.
throws and scarves mostly.

Sandra said...

Thanks for your comments girls! They're so nice to read.

Annie, those are indeed orchids, but they are tiny, it's a variety named epidendrum elipticum. Here in Venezuela we have a lot of varieties, and many grow as wild flowers (like these and the other ones that will bloom any time soon).

Ranae, I'm sure you'll get yours soon, today Trish told me she got hers too! BTW If you can chain, then you can crochet anything, just give it a try, I got this pattern with the e-newsletter subscription of "Talking crochet with Carol Alexander", they always have nice stuff to stitch.