Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jessica's stitching tools organizer

I didn't know how to name this one, is not only a needle book, scissors pocket, pink keep or a floss holder. Is all that in one.

I was delighted with Sharon's design, from It's Daffycat, and found it like an awesome coincidence that her daughter's name is Jessica, just like my friend whose birthday is tomorrow. So I stitched her design to use it for the organizer, Jessica's birthday present.

Of course I made a big mistake. Dind't study the design well. I was picturing it already done with the fabbie that Joan sent me and got to work on it right away, without noticing it should be stitched on evenweave not aida because it has parts of it that are stitched over two and some over one (the words). Anyway I decided to stick with what I already started and bend the design a little, trying to stay as faithful as I could, but the letters were backstitched instead of cross stitched.

For the inside, I followed Mary Corbet's tutorial, posted on her blog Needle'n Thread. For the floss ring I used a star eyelet (to go with the design and backing fabric), courtesy of Bea, and a floss ring courtesy of Sharon.

The middle is divided with chain stitch and the floss tag is attached with Portuguese Stem Stitch.

I'm really happy with the overall look. And very proud that was able to do different embroidery stitches to attach the felt.

Feather stitch

Cross stitch

Fly stitch

Thanks Sharon for the design! Thanks Mary for the tutorial!

And a happy birthday to both Jessicas.


Little Rabbit Miniatures said...

This is really really beautiful! The choice of fabric and colours are great, super finishing!

Annie said...

That's a fun piece. A perfect birthday gift.

Ranae said...

Super duper organizer, love it

Mylene said...

Your piece turned out great!

Lelia said...

Job well done - an awesome organizer : )