Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I made a tin for Alexia, to match the fob I did for her on a previous exchange. Love the pattern, from Mary Englebreit, and I still have some of the backing fabric, so it was a perfect surprise. She wrote saying it was nice to have the set.

It was nice to personalize it, good thing her name fit on the design, also added a lucky charm!

The top is cushioned so she can also use it as a pincushion.

This is the back, thought the prints are a little large, the word "friend" is whole, didn't want to cut it.

I also got my new crocheted snowflakes from Bea. I'll starch them tomorrow, I can't wait until Christmas to see how the tree will look. I told her I wouldn't put it down until they were here. So I'll have the picture by Friday. Hope she gets a blog soon so I can comment on the beautiful things she does.

One final thing, I know I'm ahead of my time, but no one pointed out that I'm living 200 years ahead! lol I wrote "2209 exchange" on the previous post, now it's corrected.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine needlebook

Stefania, in Italy, just received the Valentine needlebook I stitched for her on the Valentine Needlebook exchange 2009 at EMS. It was a adorable freebie from "The Drawn Thread". Liked it a lot because it has so many specialty stitches.

Of course, chose the colors to match my backing fabric.

Inside there's a felt heart to keep the needles

And has a swirly heat button just as an embellishment.

Stefania said it is romantic, I have to agree!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Progress on Square SAL

This is a little progress I've done on my Square SAL (exclusive design for SanMan board members). It's been delightful to work on it. Sandy did such a great job designing each one of the squares. I'm working randomly, with the letter I want to stitch. I will do Q and T later.

Also made three more squares for my lapghan, all on solid colors, don't think it'll look nice if they are all multicolor; there's a slideshow of the progress on the sidebar. That means I just need 24 more! lol

Oh! And good news! The 11 angels left from the project are ready to be mailed, but with the upcoming elections I'm not sure if they can be on Monday... I'll upload the pictures when they're on their way, also the list box will be substituted for the PIF's progress list, I have only two sign ups, have four more to give...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tagged and awarded

I've been tagged by Sue and awarded by Joan.
Sue just had a baby boy, I was waiting for the name, but still we call him "little Ben", because his brother wants the name for the baby (as in Ben ten, the cartoon). But until the name is chosen (a big decision) I just want to say "welcome to the world and God bless you baby". Congratulations to the happy family for the new addition. Before the birth, she tagged me on her blog, now that I'm more relaxed I can go with it.

The tag. Here are the rules:
-List these rules on your blog.
-Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
-Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
-Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
-Link the person who tagged you.
-Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 facts about myself:
  • I like to clean the house at nights, not in the morning or afternoon.
  • I love reading, have a bedside reading, and when I can't because I'm crocheting, the ipod will be playing an audiobook.
  • I'm a friendly person who easily engages on conversation and ends up befriending people not only here but also around the world (God bless the net).
  • I love chocolate, but that doesn't mean I eat it everytime, just in particular dates of the month.
  • Organization is essential for me, I have everything organized and cathegorized. Even my closet and my pantry.
  • I don't like watching TV, but still sometimes I need to turn it on, just to hear some noise.
  • My stuff lasts for years, people get surprised to see how I take care of them.

  • 6 unspectacular quirks:
    Not sure if I get the meaning, but here I go:
  • Even if I bathed an hour ago, I must wash my feet before going to bed.
  • I love children, I love teaching them, but I don't want to have any of my own.
  • I need total darkness to sleep well.
  • I tend to try learning new techniques, even when I haven't mastered the previous one.
  • I can't keep grudges, being too forgetful it's not good, people tend to repeat offenses, but then again, I just let it go lol
  • My best comfort food is baby food (baby pasta with milk and butter).
  • I'll break the rules on this one, have 50 blogs on my sidebar, I'll love to read facts and quirks from everyone who feels like sharing them. Thanks Sue!

    Now to the award, I feel honored because Joan is such a talented designer, that it's great she considers my blog a fabby one! Thank you Joan!

    Rules are simple: list 5 of addictions and list 5 bloggers who I think are fabby.

    5 addictions:
    - Crochet. Whatever, whenever.
    - Water: to drink and shower, bathe...
    - Morning coffee.
    - Bedtime tea.
    - I should say stash, but more than that multicolored thread!

    5 fabby bloggers:
    As I said before, have a blog list of 50 I visit regularly It's real hard for me to choose only five...
    - Annie, her stitching is very diverse, love how she can work with different styles. Her finishes are gorgeous!
    - Michelle, very elegant stitching. Designs, colors and combinations, perfectly chosen.
    - Mylene, love how she can combine post on her family life and stitching, very nice place to visit.
    Her work is awesome!
    - Sharon, Great finishes and so many neat ideas!
    - Sue, the sweetest amigurumis, I don't think she crochets them, it's more like they sprung out of her hands in no time! They're lovely, I have one and she's so fast.

    Now off to work on my lapghan, it's addictive!!! You can check the progress on the slideshow on the sidebar.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    Challenge and WIPS

    Two days I spent stitching this little piece for a challenge at bbinteractive. This is the Winter Pantry designed by Brooke Nolan, it's a series exclusively made for the group. I did the Summer Pantry, but the Autumn one is still on my to-do-pile, I skipped it because didn't want to miss this challenge.

    My personal addition was the crochet, also substituted a few things: the stitched tea pot for a button one, two flowers are now snowflake buttons, added a few beads and changed a cat for the mittens (they are so cute that couldn't help adding them to the piece).

    This is the upper shelf:

    The snowman should have stitched buttons, I used micro buttons instead, as the cup, a heart button as well... One thing that was difficult to do was the tiny scarf and pink-green quilt, both are crocheted, had to do it with a size 7 steel hook. The border is made on half cross stitched and at the corners there are pearls instead of xs. It's can't be tell on the picture, but one of the quilts is an actual piece of fabric.

    The lower shelf:

    Oh! I forgot, instead of cross stitching the lace I used a real one, courtesy of Sue and it was all stitched onto navy blue aida, present from Michelle.

    On the WIPS I finally opened a printed cross stitch kit, the "Home for all Seasons" by Dimensions. I made a small progress over three hours work (well, that included reading the instructions and sorting the floss from bundle number 1). So far I don't think it's hard, actually I'm liking it! I'm using the hidden method, but there are tiny specs of red showing on the other side lol I'll leaveit like it, gives character to the piece.

    Finally, I've been wanting to crochet a lapghan since a long time ago, to leave it on the stitching room. I decided to do something without a pattern, something like a sampler in bright colors. It will have 20 cm squares, for the whole piece I'll be needing 30 squares (6 rows of 5). Alexandra, from school, she works at the Library, is crocheting along with me. I'm so happy to be able to do it with someone, it's a way to keep the work up, I'm sure that will make us finish faster!

    The classic granny:

    This one still needs a few more rows (the other color will be orange!), but I like how it's looking so far:

    Hope you like the new face of my blog, it's inspired on upcoming Valentine. Happy stitching!