Saturday, February 14, 2009

Progress on Square SAL

This is a little progress I've done on my Square SAL (exclusive design for SanMan board members). It's been delightful to work on it. Sandy did such a great job designing each one of the squares. I'm working randomly, with the letter I want to stitch. I will do Q and T later.

Also made three more squares for my lapghan, all on solid colors, don't think it'll look nice if they are all multicolor; there's a slideshow of the progress on the sidebar. That means I just need 24 more! lol

Oh! And good news! The 11 angels left from the project are ready to be mailed, but with the upcoming elections I'm not sure if they can be on Monday... I'll upload the pictures when they're on their way, also the list box will be substituted for the PIF's progress list, I have only two sign ups, have four more to give...


Annie said...

The alphabet is looking good. And congrats to you for finishing all those angels. You are the real angel!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mylene said...

San Man SAL progress is looking great!
Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

Ellen said...

Happy Valentine! The Sanman SAL is looking good. Not good at crochet, I am only at the beginner stage.