Monday, April 27, 2009

Hand dyed fabbies

I ordered a few hand dyed fabbies from Sapphire Stitching, I fell in love with them ever since Joan showed us the pictures at her board. Then one day she sent me a sample I used it to stitch a small present for a friend.

The thing I like about Joan's site is that she offers great quality of service. I was looking for a sea like fabric to stitch a mermaid, but couldn't find something like what I was picturing in my mind. I told Joan, explained what I wanted and sent her the picture of the design; (a beautiful Joan Elliot's mermaid) she custom hand dyed a piece of 22ct hardanger for me, which is perfect for the pattern. And she added a mermaid charm as a thank you token (she always add a little something, as a token of appreciation to her customers).

My goddaughter Camila (4yo) was here when I opened the package, she said Joan was so nice to include a pink fabric for her LOL It is a part of a set, she sells this little bits of fabbies, perfect for small designs or biscornus. I like it because for me it's better to have an assortment of small than to have a big piece of just one color. She has different counts, I asked for 14 and 18ct.

But that's not all, she also holds a Rummage sale on her site, when I saw there were magazines I asked for a particular one, Cross stitch and needlework magazine, which holds this Robin Kingsley design I wanted to stitched ever since I saw it on Annie's photo album.

I ordered it from a site in Canada, North Breeze, but sadly the magazine was lost on the mail, they were so nice that they gave me my money back, but all I wanted was the magazine... It was a heavenly coincidence that I asked Joan for it before she uploaded the picture to the site, she saved it for me to be sent with the fabbies. Now I finally have it!!!

Well, another happy customer here. Thank you Joan!!!


Annie said...

Glad you finally tracked down the Bee Sampler. It's fun to stitche (except that beehive border! Get's tedious).

Beautiful fabbies and looks like your mail has finally resumed based on all of those goodies in the last post.

Jenn's Crafty World said...

Nice stuff; looks like you will be having lots of fun stitching.
Take care!