Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My scissors

Nina is having a game with a giveaway on her blog. I thought it was funny because I have never shown my scissors before, and you'll read why. If you want to play you must show your scissors, whether they are a few or a lot.

Here are mine:

Not fancy at all, thank God I've been blessed with the help of my stitcher pals around the globe, and they've sent me neat scissors fobs. From left to right: The red one is my fabric scissors, brighten up with Bea's beaded scissors fob, then comes my "for almost everything" black one (it's a hair's scissor), embellished with Sylvianne's biscornu. Next comes my ACME (not a joke) tiny scissor on the carrying tin Sara stitched for me, it's the one for the projects I take out and about. The other two (cuticle's scissors) are guarded by Margot's zigouigoui and Sherryn's pinkeep, and I use them for cutting the threads and also for hardanger (the smaller one is the best of my set for that technique). The big one with blue handles was my first fabric scissor, but now it's too old and I'm using it to cut the cardboard or foamy I use to stuff the pieces, I will do some sort of fob for her, it's the only one without it.

Congratulations Nina on your 2nd blogoversary. I missed my first, but the second one will be celebrated (it's on January 21st). Thank you, it was fun!!!


Nina said...

Thank you Sandra, you are in twice ;)

Estela said...

Hola Sandra!!!! Que bonitas están tus tijeras!!. Quiero decirte que hoy recibí mi Angel, estoy muy contenta con el y en mi blog he puesto unas fotos para que todas lo vean te doy las gracias por tu detalle y ten la seguridad de que lo cuidaré mucho, nuevamente gracias y te mando muchos saludos, Estela

Pike said...

Sandra, I have started the scissors case for you... Now I am beginning to wonder if it is the right sizr for any of your scissors! Please send the some measures and tell me for which you would like to have it for. If I still can change it. (I love the colours and the design I chose for it...)

And a great surprise from Anita!

Pirjo from Finland