Friday, April 17, 2009

Peek this:

Hi!!! Today was a bright sunny day. Got something unexpected on the mail, a present from Anita. She sent me a gorgeous French coeur (heart) chart, two bright pieces of fabric with the cutest prints and luscious threads. Love them all, but my particular admiration goes for one I immediately called "my sunflowery floss", has all the colors of a sunflower, haven't seen it before. Of course all the others are a temptation, like the sea shaded colors variations, if I was to name it, it would be "Choroní" like my favorite beach! Awwww!!! I'm sure they'll be used soon on a couple of things I'll be doing for the exchanges, PIF's (beware, they are coming along nicely and soon will be on its way) and a secret project I'm not allowed to talk about for now lol

Thanks Anita!!!

Also received some charms all the way from the UK. Emma, a lovely lady at EMS, second God Mother for all my mentorees, once sent me a few hand charms, with the legend: "hand made", I fell in love with those, then I found an online store, Jeneca Beads, that carry those and ordered to stitch onto all my projects from now on, also ordered a heart charm with "made with love", I like to have options to choose from, too bad I didn't saw the "made for an angel" angel charm until after I placed my order, well there will always be a next order lol

They are really silver, but show golden here because the wall is a bright pink color and reflects on everything. Oops! Forgot to tell about the dragonflies, they are the cutest things (I love dragonflies in general).

I couldn't save the pictures from the needleroll, but here's a sneak peek until Pascale send me the one she's taking.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra, I am so happy that you liked what I sent you. Your needleroll is beautiful!

Wendy said...

That is a wonderful gift you received!
Your needleroll is really nice. Beautiful work!

Annie said...

What nice gifts! Plenty of stuff to keep you busy.

The needleroll is really charming.