Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'll post about something I want you to see. Stash and nice little things that came on yesterday's mail, a postcard and five packages, but I'll only show you four today. You must see the fifth one, but it'll be posted on Monday...

The picture on the top are the things Courtney sent for our Easter swap at Sapphire Stitching board. She made a needlebook with an Easter Alphabet, the fabric is 18ct hand dyed aida. I'm admired at her attention to detail, love the pattern she chose for me. The bookmark is also hand made by her. I couldn't resist to take the picture of the bookmark's the back side, take a look:

Says: "HANDMADE because you're worth it". Isn't it just lovely? And this is how the needlebook looks inside, the color of the pages match with the ribbon's green.

This postcard came from my dear friend Sandy O. She went to Hawaii on a trip and sent me this picture, the trees frame the mountains behind, just awesome! she always send me beautiful postcards with the pictures she takes on her own house and on her trips, I think one day I'll show them all to you.

Corine, from France, sent me this set of Postcards and a pocket I'll use for my tiny scissors. She stitched Ingres violin's, it was "One world, many cultures" exchange at EMS. It's a beautiful job, the piece is all hand sewn. And as you can see the postcards are fantastic. We've been paired up before, so it's nice to meet again.

This is the parcel Chantal, also in France, sent me for our "Spring Secret Pal 2009". I stitched for her a bookmark on one of the first exchanges I joined at EMS. Remember how nervous I was to stitch for her because she's such a good stitcher, her work is so neat.

Thank you ladies! It was the perfect way to end a week of sour moments, your presents sweetened it up for me!


Mylene said...

Great packages received, Sandra, Enjoy!

Daffycat said...

Wow, fantastic post Sandra! You received some wonderful goodies!