Thursday, May 14, 2009

Button, button

I used to go on many trips with my cousins. We had a game, whenever we crossed a bridge we said: "button, button" and grabbed one, then make a wish while we went through it. From then I keep those fonds memories and always come to my mind when a new button reaches me collection.

Had to do a refill of some of my favorites, I was running out of bees and dragonflies. Also needed more of the christmassy shapes. Of course had to try some new ones... As the iron on flowers, can't hardly wait to use them.

Ordered some new flowers (country), dragonflies and ladybugs, my favorite garden critters, and some angels...

The value packs are always a must, tried this Retro value pack, mostly because of the colors, look what was inside, I was pleasantly surprised:

Pants, guitars and a vinyl record!

The eco message, always "in":

Who can resist this smiling kitties??? Not me, they're so cute!

Of course it wouldn't be the sixties without love signs:

Butterflies, flowers, all so hippie and groovy! It's natural for me to love those, I'm a child of the sixties!

Happy stitching!


Annie said...

Those look like a whole lot of fun. You'll be attaching buttons to everything now.

Daffycat said...

Great fun stash, Sandra!